I’m here !

My break was quick but pleasurable. I’m still feeling the hangover of the fiesta spell. A post can’t summarize it all but, several schedule of posts could contain the feeling of how it was in the stint of a little pause from online journaling. A little rest from the racking of brains, and utilization of time and effort for every issue posted, made the time off a little more than memorable. Places visited, foods savored, enjoyed and criticized, transportation to revel in, comfortable accommodation, and a budget blown up to smaller pieces and exhausted, gave the break a little less than wisely spent. Nevertheless, the unwinding process from mental pressure and from fragments of physical work were successfully loosened up and unfurled to begin again another bundle of posts for everyone’s consumption.

Hello everyone! I’m here ! I miss you all !

For my first post, here’s a short poem for all to savor the freshly energized brain…


I’m Here.


declare, the floor is open
with outstretched  arms begging
now this is the true moment
declare our bond that wont get broken
i read yours, you read mine
poetry, essays, picked from the vine
though times come a little bit brine
 filtered ones considered a perfect wine