The Low Tide

When the sun and the moon are directly aligned with respect to earth, a low tide is expected at a particular time and place. This beach is at its lowest tide and a wide expanse of  beach front is exposed framing an amazing picture of neoteric  genre of a place worthy of being an island paradise. This is Camotes Islands waiting to be rediscovered by people who love to swim in its sparkling waters, bathe under the sun, discover its caves, try its foods, and befriend its gentle people.


Fishing Boats Of Pilar, Camotes island, Cebu, Philippines…

After fishing, fishermen of Camotes lay anchored their fishing boats at a beach where less visitors congregate for an excursion. Fishing nets are cleaned of foreign objects and other marine rejects caught and curled down for next day’s use. High tides  don’t happen frequently so, they are too confident that their boats would not be swept away by the rushing  waves of the sea as the boats are left within water’s reach.