Olango Island, Cebu, Philippines


scenes from nowhere
drop by my brain
entered the northern gate
closing my eyes at strain
dictation was quick
as my heart trembled
my hands grabbed in rapid
scribbling pen wrote 
finishing all the lines 
of paragraphs still unborn
catching all the words
of paper marks not shown
still came, bunch of inspiration
gliding, flying, all  were circling
into a whirlpool of words
trying to form a sentence
when all has been done
re-reading was at hand
lips moved, the gray matter listened
it’s okay, this poetry’s pleasant…



Port of Pilar

Pilar Port, Ponson island, Camotes is nearer to Ormoc City in Eastern Visayas than Cebu, the province where it belongs.  Majority of folks from Camotes buy their supplies from Ormoc city rather than from Cebu because of its proximity, besides, it’s a direct trip to Camotes. In the picture, that  is the type of vessel that services Ormoc city and Camotes. It is a two-storey boat and will pose danger to passengers if the weight distribution and overloading are not checked very well.