Go, Travel, the reasons are waiting …

places you have dreamed seemed so far
if you think you cannot go, then you can’t
you have to strive reaching for the star
don’t be lame, learn alone how to stand
try to commit to your own personal goals
submit to yourself not to surrender
walk through the cavities and cover the holes
be a brave doer not a timid pretender
go solo if you must
discover the places, be your master
to your own self you have to entrust
lead yourself  from impending disaster
decide to go or not to go
why or how, when or where
if you ask me, I’ll surely not to say, No
travel somewhere, the reasons are waiting for you there…


7 thoughts on “Go, Travel, the reasons are waiting …

    • I feel what you felt…but i always tell myself, “This is my country, i speak the language, i can read, and have money for this trip.I won’t get lost”. These lines make me braver, but not out of the country. We experienced it in Korea. They don’t speak English and that left us to do sign language, body language, and all other languages to reach an understanding of situations. So, for now I’ll make it a point to know if their locals know the Universal language, English. Thanks!


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