“Jealous Moon”

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catch me a star tonight

to light the fall of day

the clouds sit on their nest 

hiding the drifting space

halting  a lunar chase


the moon is glancing down

throwing a question, asking why

“i am brighter than the star

why don’t you pick me

to guide you from afar”



Buho Resort, Camotes island, Cebu, Philippines


The Philippines will never ran out of appeal and charm to would-be tourists. In Central Visayas alone, an island lives up to its name as the island with more attractions to boast of. Camotes island has caves, waterfalls, white sand beaches, lakes, excellent resorts and most of all has its gentle people to speak of. This is one of its come-ons when  beaches on the rocks are what we are talking about. Buho Rock Resort in San Francisco, Camotes.

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Camotes island is a two-hour ferry boat ride from Danao city, Cebu. Plan your vacation now. Camotes is waiting for you.