when clouds make the rains
and pour down its tears
do they also feel the sadness
when people don’t start the cheers
why do they change colors
when people are still the same
they don’t mind the course of time
when skies are short of fame
so why do clouds blacken
before they start to rain
i guess their hearts are too heavy
like bad people who don’t change
but why too many of them are white
flying endlessly up there
sometimes they are nowhere
when people ask them to share
i, me,  don’t understand the way
the clouds would always behave
of getting her strength from the sea
from rivers, oceans and lakes
 and why the waters go up
when there’s space between them
neither there’s a stair
to step on them again
if i am the clouds up there
floating high and low
summer’s not the right time
to beg for a rain of snow