credit : yahoo.com images
you say it’s only dusts
that made your tears a cry
and you said that you must
to let free of dusts, you’ll cry
but i’ve seen you and the boy
you believed he’s a good guy
now those dusts have flew
out of your life goodbye



Jalaur River, Iloilo, Philippines

These pictures depict a slightly different period of time of the day during a rainy season. Topmost photo shows how dim it was right after a light downpour. I was nearer at the subject which made the reflection of the  trees’ color more significant  on the water which was aided by the sun’s direct subdued shine on the trees. In the second photo, as I move the angle to the left side of the river, the subject was farther away from the camera. It resulted to a bit thicker contrast  due to the camera’s facing the direction of the sun’s covered light.

As the sun was evidently in appearance, it became brighter, illuminating the whole panorama decreasing its contrast and shadows. These shots were done with a five-minute interval each at the lower reached of the river in Leganes town.

Drops of Rain

credit : yahoo.com images
it always rains when you say goodbye
it pours from heaven when you’re out of sight
even in dreams you make me shed
those rains are my tears in my bed
the absence of sunshine makes me sad
your goodbye will dry the only eyes I have
the clouds above will turn to endless pain
when tears have fallen like drops of rain