Death of a Pencil

how many words have been written
with its limited length
how many times its carbon have been sharpened
’till it became abbreviated
as its  life’s border was seen
not to exceed the stretch
perhaps countless  or more times
it has been used by the people’s hands
to be schooled, literate,civilized
trained, and to be brainy
it has served and sacrificed
its defined life for them
how to be good in writing
and to become a notable figure
its definite size has  shrank
to a shorter petite one
while the  children grow and mature
with the pencil’s  priceless services
its life has run to its term
nearing the edge of its breath
 to be laid down to a quiet rest…

Weekly Photo Challenge – Today was a Good Day

Eden Nature Park.   This is the land mark going to the Zip Line which I chickened out. I don’t know why. I have already rode a zip line in Tibiao, Antique and an Anicycling (bicycle on a zip line) in Bukidnon but I felt I was going to throw up when I was in Eden Nature Park in Davao. I retreated at the last minute. So, Today Wasn’t a Good Day but, it was for this boy statue on a horse.

Beneath your feet…


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I was washed today
to free me from dusts
dirt, mud, soil, filth
and insincerity
you dried me under the sun
after I was “suds-free”
and you left me there
the whole day
’till I was
barren, dull and sarcastic once more
I thought i will be displayed
and stored on the shelf
but i was wrong
I was thrown again on the floor
to be trampled, stomped,and flattened
to be a catcher of dirt
a receiver of slime, smudge and grime
if only i have eyes, i would cry
if only i have a mouth, i would
argue, plead, explain and talk back
but how can I
i’m just a mat by the door
 always beneath your feet
always bruised, always in sore…