a sad memoirs of a lost love….

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you are the alphabet of the words I say
you are the load  of the prayer  I pray
the lyrics, the tune and the band that play
the dimple on  my face  that  smiles all day
you are the path to eternity that passes in my life
you are the tail wind smoke that’s left when I’m gone
the fire that will light  a lamp in the darkest strife 
the star that will twinkle when there is none
you are the flower that grows in the driest desert
the priciest one  to a choosy jeweler expert
the pearl that will survive in the deepest ocean
the rarest diamond and the hardest to brand
you are the heat that will thaw the extreme cold
you are the cold that will freeze the summer heat
the microwave that will burn the stupid mold
the medicine found in your…

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