My Skull

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this is my skull
a picture of insanity and sound judgement
abandoned when all the worms have left
and consumed the gray matter
that used to think
the  balancing of justice and inequality
this is my skull
that used to be home
of all the words that leave my mouth
and shared before humanity
that hurt their hearts
but sometimes mend them
and lighted their pathways
by a line of candles of hope
this is my skull
abode of literate psyche
owner of a sentimental conscience that soared to the sky
without reasons, it acted on stage, belly danced
and for the final act, bowed to the unassuming audience
but it was also the basin of painful tears
and happy ones
shedding the truth of the heart
truth that emanate from the deepest fear, sadness, and joy
now that it is all white
let grow of the emerging seed
germinating from this hardened fellow
let its lessons fill your dreams
and be the skull of the moon and sun 
cleaned by the crawlers of the soil
where the farmers of thoughts lived
feeding the races throughout the land…



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