The cheers were deafening
you saw the response
there’s a lot of yelling
a lot of action beyond 
It’s a standing ovation
racking your nerves
reading their lips
words on the curves
The grief you saw
and the flow of tears
you can only sympathize
and be one of the volunteers
Their feeling of sadness 
their laughter in the air
brought you to a judgement
you are round, they are square
They jumped with joy
you were left to guess
their sign language
you could not read, a mess
But you are deaf
with two normal ears
the sounds are blocked
so you can’t hear
Invited them to come nearer
so you can guess
all the words they say
given the chance to a replay
Though hearing is not around
you’re not a  keeper of secrets
lucky  to be not a burial ground
of people with mysterious deaths...