Tibiao, Antique #02

Early morning “coffee” for these habal-habal drivers which I encountered at the site of the “kawa” hot bath. Beer! I was  friendly with them so, I threw myself in at their drinking spree without their invitation. I asked a glass of Gold Eagle beer but it was seconded by them. And a third. I felt those were enough for me to be red-faced that morning.

I continued scouring the area and saw one of the houses for rent being built. Tourism was on the rise in Tibiao and people there wanted to get a share of the progress brought about by the  growth. I was thankful that people were aware of its gains.

A sari-sari store in the mountain was one of the visual changes enhanced by tourism.  That’s commerce, business, retailing, and marketing on the go. It’s making a light traffic at the crossroads where nature abounds and tourists are in the influx.

Progress can spell the difference. Building materials are brought to the site kilometers away from the road.

A little improvement goes a long way for visitors and the locals to enjoy the gains of progress.

Even the inactive but not totally worn-out “kawa” vats of a nearby sugar mill that went kaput for the past years have its life extended for use. This time it’s not for cooking raw sugar but for humans to be stewed.

But not fully cooked. Just a little blanching of the human bodies for a fee make these mountain populace some start-up capital to live civilly rather than making petty crimes against society.

With the growth of tourism in the area, people don’t just sit idly. Their minds think of other sources of income, lest, the birth of a one kilometer zip line, the longest in Panay Island.

As you go down, you can see the river and the trees below and, as you lift your sight straight forward the beautiful mountain meets the eyes.

Once you’ve completed the zip line, you can alight from the line and go straight to Tibiao river for a swim or go kayaking or rafting, depending on the season you’re visiting Tibiao. Summer is a non-kayaking season. It’s only during the rainy days where you can enjoy the kayaks.

On summer months, you can do these things! Jump from atop these big rocks or just make a body-dip in the cool water.

Exercise your muscles!

Take a walk at the hanging bridge and observe what is going on below.

Swim against the flow!

I am enjoying the “piranhas” eating my feet!

Before you complete your visit, you can leave your dead skins to the fishes! Go, have your tired feet cleaned and massaged by the fishes at Tibiao Fish Spa!

It tickled me! Having a choice of the sizes of fishes that will enjoy the cleaning of the spiritless skin of my feet was quite an adventurous compromise. Small, medium, and large fishes were the hard choices. I was scared of the large fishes. It might bit and cut apart my toes. I opted for the small ones.

The lady attendant had a hearty conversation with me that it lasted over an hour, close to two hours as my feet is being devoured by the fishes. Crush, crush, crush! It went beyond personal. She said,”It was ok. You can just pay the one hour, never mind the overage minutes”. I said to myself,  “Ah! It’s nice!”

Visit Tibiao and you’ll surely say, “I enjoyed Antique”.



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