500 posts….

I have made Β 500 posts already. So, I’ve made this far. I don’t know if those were quality posts or not. Are they?


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  1. I always feel that if it is something I feel inspired to write, it is quality…that may not be unanimous, but it’s my stuff and that’s what counts! congrats !

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      • When I write, it is really for myself, I had a friend who was a brilliantly gifted writer. He never left messages at other blogs though he enjoyed others writing. As a result few left him comments or likes, he was very stubborn. But he kept his blog as a journal of his life, he died young about a year ago, the blog lives on , I go there every day. My point is our work is a reflection of us and what others get from it is either icing on the cake or irrelevant. Have a beautiful day!

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        • That’s true. All my writings are for myself’s satisfaction but you can’t take the fact that you have to please others also. This is a give and take activity. My readers need to be satisfied for what I post as I am satisfied with what they are posting. I want to give back with what they read in my blog, πŸ™‚ but not all the times, as i’m not good in fiction and short story writings πŸ™‚ and i also want them to understand that what they find 0n my blog are posts where i’m good at πŸ™‚ (good???) hehehe! What I write are for myself and for them! And i’m ashamed at myself if they’re not happy with what I wrote. Don’t worry I’ll just keep on posting with whatever I have inside my head, for myself and the readers’ sake. Thank you for leaving some thought. It’s worth the share! Cheers! πŸ™‚

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