Give Me A Friend


As I sit by my window

I feel the weariness

And I long for a hero

To launder this loneliness


It is upsetting

To snore by myself

And it’s a bore to do the eating

With my fork and spoon do the talking


I only hear myself

When I talk to my phone

With greetings of hello

Then bye, I’m alone


Nobody sees me

When I change my clothes

To ask how I look

Only the mirror knows


Wind of the sun

Breeze of the moon

Sparkling evening stars

Stones of diamonds


I’ve no one my life to spend

Send someone some time to lend

The joy of togetherness please extend

Heed this longing, Give Me A Friend

Symphony For Someone


Image credit: google+

if i could write a symphony for someone

an instrumental passage just for her alone

in classical music by an orchestra in full

a sonata of love in grander proportion


to awaken her heart with this mellow tune

to bring my words through this labored composition

with this notes of love i could bring her smiles

that will echo even in mountains and isles


hear the instruments touching her senses

flowing like the rivers that go into the sea

i will be the master of this symphony

a bad note won’t be sung, it will never be