Backyard Prompts 2: Jackfruit

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When my father was still alive, he had a penchant of planting fruit trees which he felt his family would enjoy the fruits as much as he did. He liked jackfruit and we also do. We love it. It is sweet, fleshy, and has a distinct aroma and smell. It is starchy and fibrous and a good source of  dietary fiber. At a distance,  we can’t notice that the fruits are ready for eating.  Not until we smell it. If it over ripes in the branch it falls off because it can no longer hold the weight of the fruit which has become soft at its base. Its average weight reaches 1 – 5 kilos per fruit depending on the size.

This is the ripened fruit which can be eaten as it is. It may also be an ingredient in local desserts, such as, halo-halo and banana turon,  or in sweet concoctions with shaved ice, as in, es campur, and es teler.

This is the ripe, sliced jackfruit.

Living with memories of my father and the jackfruit tree are sweet affairs from the past and thorny resemblances of our present life. No matter how ugly the fruit is, it is liked by many  because of its sweetness and excellent characteristics of the flesh. 

Large photo by: thehutowner
small photos by: Wikipedia



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