The Lord, To Mold this Life

2014 - 1 (6)

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Tears only mist my eyes

They don’t  fall when i’m on strife

When I’m upset and sadness rise

Maybe I need a friend to touch my life


Emotions of the heart

They don’t  burst all at once

So I can let go of the tears to start

Flowing on the dance floor where i stand


I need keys for the heart and mind in doubt

As if my own self will brake apart

This nest i perch i wish to move out

I ask The Lord to mold this life from being scarred…




play things and games

running here and there

children with no names

faces and what they wear


joyful shouts, innocent laughter

thrill of pleasure and feel of fun

reckless acts, cheerful discharge of sweat

 felt  an endless rejoicing like heaven


gentle souls and blameless virgins

 stories unfolds waiting destiny

now it’s news  history’s emerging

innocence repulsed altered identity…