Dragon Prince

image credit : google+


some Eons ago

there was a son of the dragon

little as he was

he always felt a baron


flying from tree to tree

he almost fell to the ground

alighting from an old oak tree

 docking at a leafless found


the vernal proud juvenile

 boasted  himself with annoying guts

just a little learning of everything

professed himself with his whimsical acts 


“oh, little dragon

you still have a lot to learn

don’t own the kingdom that easy

 who’ll inherit it is still unborn”


in his daily show of pride

of leaping from tree to tree

he landed at a branch old and dead

it broke

 the dumbness of the ground felt the catastrophe


broken braincase  and ribs

 tattered wings un-expansive

vertebrae were busted

all the joints cracked


now lying in his golden casket

quiet and breathless cadaver

his dream of becoming king

was just a smoke on the platter


 grievers far and wide

kings and queens of distant kingdoms

with their men they have arrived

to pay respect to the fallen prince


ten mountains of mourners

were seen at the burial lines

with horses and warriors

all carried flags and signs


let this be a lesson

to all braggadocio

don’t be so aggressive

a braggart of the show …