i am thehutowner, willing to have you as my visitor and stay for a while in my hut and be refreshed and entertained  with my Posts.

I gave my “notice to retire” at exactly the same date when I was hired  and earned their most respected opinion, “What a wise guy.”

I am a retiree, having worked with a drug retailing company for many years and learned the rudiments of drug retailing.

Stress was the reason why the retirement was abrupt but it was a big help as it drove me closer to photography and writing. It also has given me the chance to be immersed  to the life of a constant traveler and a blogger.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. I tried the about to contact you and it goes to error 104. Also for a while now when you post we get double the post and some triple posting as well. One post has the like button showing and the other does not have the like button showing. Just to let you know. You can erase this message.

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