Russian Tourist Visa Application (for Filipino Citizens)

I got enlightened with this post on getting a Russian Tourist Visa.

Bent Road

Russia is one of those countries that no matter where you come from, getting a visa would be fairly difficult. Almost everyone is required to have an invitation letter. This letter is usually issued by an accredited Russian Tour Agency (all based in Russia). The easiest way to acquire this letter is to join a tour. By joining a tour, the travel agency will be the one in contact with the Russian Agencies thus handling all the steps needed to formally lodge the visa application. Locally, another option is to go to a local travel agent and ask them to get an invitation letter on your behalf. Usually the local travel agency and the Russian agency will still make an itinerary for you as well as the letter to be submitted to the embassy. You need to pay the agency a fee for producing the documents. You can cancel the…

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At A Distance…

As we age, we find difficulty in reminiscing the past…

the hut owner blog


image obscure and cryptic

corrupted copy of impression

cloudy light  casting back

 dim under the shadow


fixing thoughts of spent scenes

reminiscing hates and loves

tears sink in river beds

slowly float with the flow


never a perfect copy

reflection digging the past

when i stare outside the window

 at a distance myself recast

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“LOVE AND HATE CHALLENGE” – i am an invitee of OAPlascencia to do this challenge!

image credit : google + . . I love to write poetry while i eat love cooking while i sing love the beach while traveling love   the highway driving all the vehicles in front of me i enjoy catching … read more!

Source: “LOVE AND HATE CHALLENGE” – i am an invitee of OAPlascencia to do this challenge!