“Please, Don’t run over me”


i won’t run after you
if the green light says so
don’t take the blame on me
if no one catches you

when you fall on the ground
and down on your knees

begging me if you please,
“don’t run over me”



“I saw the plane that crashed into the restaurant” – ( Davao City, Mati City, Davao Oriental, Philippines )

I am reblogging this under a new title with some small edits. This was published last year and I’m hoping that those who were not able to read have the chance to take their time on this article. Here it is.

the hut owner blog

08-25-14 Mati 099 (3)

The first time I saw this, I insisted to drop by. I was really curious about the airplane “crashing” into the roof of the establishment. Visitors passing will surely take a glimpse of this “come on” publicity stunt of this watering hole in Davao city, south of the Philippines.

I just came from a tour with a rented car and a driver, of the province of Davao Oriental, specifically the city of Mati. They have fine white sand beaches there comparable with the known ones today. It was a tiring but a very pleasant and enjoyable travel I had. Beautiful and green sceneries along the way were awesomely inviting. Spending a short time in every locale that I visited  was a temporary option as some need a little longer time to stay. And as such, I will be returning to Davao in the later hours of the afternoon.  All the…

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i’ve been digging my files and found this lovely poem….pls. read !

the hut owner blog

i am the honey of your sweet
i am the shadow of your night
i am the dreams of your sleep
i am the secret you can keep
you’ve been the lyrics of my song
you’ve been the boom of my gong
you’ve been the tune of my melody
you’ve been the pro against the contrary
so i will sing, and you will dance
and i will shot the arrow to your heart
and i will talk, and you will glance
and i will put the chances in your hands
and so the world will begin to smile
to speak the truth about your style
and so the stars will twinkle for a while
so you and i will live to love each other


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Among the Crowd

I can’t leave the world without me turning to ashes….. this is powerful !

ramir claude king



i dropped my face somewhere
among the crowd
i tried to look but gathered stares
until i cried

i overheard some silly talk
among the bevy of crowd
that i should have started my walk
exiting the burial ground

but i just couldn’t leave
without picking up the pieces
of lost facial belief
turning to porous ashes


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