Smiley Thumb Award

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To be a recipient of an award is a humble achievement. A  justification of all my undertakings in blogging.  It is a gesture of recognition and an inspiration as well.

Thanks to Chape Personal Trainer for this award. You can visit his site at and be convinced and locked in his kind of writing.

 I smile when I’m amused at something. When I ask favor or blessing, a smile always follow my request for aid. That agreeable facial appearance of being friendly knocks someone’s hardened heart to melt.

Funny people make me smile. Cracking a joke with them turns a smile into laughter breaking the ice to a beginning of friendship.

The rules:

1.- Show your new cool award.

2.- Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

3.- Tell us what makes you smile.

4.- Select other blogs you want to give the award to. The number of nominees is at your preference.

5.- Copy and paste the rules.


  1. An Inspirer’s Blog
  2. San-jeet
  3. akeem54
  4. Markovich Photo Art
  5. mariabilbao2013

Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award

I would like to thank sunshinebaby86 for nominating me for the Brotherhood of the World Bloggers’ Award. Visit her blog and know her best at     Thank you very much!

Here are my answers to the questions:

  1. At home they call me Bibot. So, everybody who’s fond of me call that nick, Bot.
  2. It’s been gathering dust since we graduated from college a long time ago. It’s browning now, and those volumes really need to be browsed. It’s the ENCYCLOPEDIA  AMERICANA in 30 volumes.
  3. I always lay myself on bed sleepy. So, sleeping is an easy thing. With eyes and mind closed from outside disturbance, dreaming follows.
  4.  With my laptop beside me, I think I can last for a month in solitary confinement. I’ll just spend all of the time to writing and other activities at my laptop. I guess a month is as easy as ABC.
  5. Quietly, I’ll look for someone I know and begin a conversation.
  6. I am convinced it’s the sense of feel that is strongest in me and by all means, I’m ready to throw away my sense of smell. Isn’t it good not to smell those bad odors around you?

    Here are the rules:

    Thank and link back to the person who nominated you for the award.
    List the Rules and Display the Brotherhood of the world Award logo to your post and/or blog.
    Answer the questions set to you.
    Nominate around ten bloggers.
    Create your set of questions for your nominees.

    Here are my intrusions to your privacy,  questions you need to answer :

    1. How often do you have your foot cleaned and massaged in a foot spa? Why or Why not?
    2. Did you have honors in High School. Did you receive any medals? Why or Why not?
    3. Is blogging an option to you? Explain.
    4. In your life now, would you say it’s successful? Why or Why not?
    5. Are you happy now that you have this kind of award? Why or Why not?

My contenders for the award :

  1. Krisana17      –
  2. koolitzable      –   https://
  3. toritto    –
  4. Blair King  –
  5. life in the foothills   –   babso2you  –
  6. visionariekind    –
  7. smiles here & smiles there    –
  8. Bluntly Put      –


I want to thank these people for nominating me for the BLOGGERS RECOGNITION AWARD, namely, SAN of Sanjeetv and attupatteri of Attupatteri, both of India for these distinguished awards. These are temples of achievements for making it to the blogoshere. These are inspirations to go further and dig deeper into our hearts and minds and share them to the world.These bloggers who nominated me have their own blogs to boast of. Sanjeetv of Bangalore, India and Attupatteri of Chennai, India have their own style of writing which flared from different prompts and stimuli that triggered their inspirations and put them into writing for the whole world to share. These are for you to explore their blogs and pay a visit; ,
The rules:
Write a post showing the award
Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
A nomination of yourself or the person who has nominated you is prohited
Attach the award to the post (right-click and save, then upload)
Select 15 deserving blogs to pass on the award
Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them
Give a brief story of how your blog started
Give a piece of advice or two to new bloggers
Provide a link to the award post you created (None)
How I started.
I retired from work on July 2013.
I started using and playing the laptop on October 2013 but blogging was not taken seriously. It was just an amusement cheering myself how to pass the time. Sometimes it was a learning process, but most of the times, it was just for fun. I did not exert so much effort on blogging until I have read an article from WordPress which the writing style of the author caught my attention. I really like how she went around about her subject. It was the number of comments and Likes that attracted me to be one of those future commenters. I began exploring how to be in the world of WordPress which required a great number of hours patiently studying the hows of laptop operations. Learning a little, I started to write musings, and poems until it blossomed into full time writings. Serious compositions began in October 2014 and up to this day, I’m enjoying the pleasure of blogging.
My advise.
Rest your eyes and arms for some time. Respect your body and mind. Give them time for a break by exercising even just for a short period of time. Or take a short nap. They will shell out its full potential.


I want to give my thanks to : 1) thespiritkeeper for giving me a copy of the post, for without it I’m still scouring my mind and tongue to remember the post in its entirety. 2) photo ni Ompong for extending sympathies and throwing some little smiles on my face during that panicky hours likewise, for 3) sunshinebaby86 for being the first one to offer help when I lost all of my Yahoo mails, which up to this writing were not yet brought back to life by Yahoo Request.  That’s how genuine these bloggers are!
If I were you, I’ll visit their blogs to know more about them and click a Like on their posts.
These small things really carved a hole in my heart in which I’ll place a token of appreciation that I will remember through the years. Thank You Very Much!

The Creative Blogger Award Nominees

For Part 01, please go to  :

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My nominees for the CREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD :



— the spirit seekers  –  seeingthewhisper –

— Prakash Hegade  –  It’s PH –

— Juliet Qoey  –

—  Ompong  –  photo ni Opmpong  –

—  Miguel  –

— Joel F  –

— Nicole Alexandra Chua  -

— blossomed heart – Salient’s Smiles –

— Leggy Peggy – Where to Next –

— Ton Clausen –

— San_jeet  –  SAN  –

— Camelia  –  Camelia Nita  –

— Deanne –

—  –

— Fatmawaty –

— Spinning Atlas  –

— F.G.M  –  .

— Nimi Naren  –

— Suyash Choprah –

— Mithai Mumblezz  –


Creative Blogger Award

Creative Blogger Award

The Creative Blogger Award

I have long wished for this Creative Blogger Award since I was progressing in the middle of my blogging “career”. I really hoped then that I’ll get a nomination for this award. Not to belittle the other commendations I received, I felt I was creative enough for this award logo to be mine he,he, 🙂  This  really rings a bell for me.  And it happened through the courtesy of Robert M. Goldstein of “Art of Rob Goldstein.” Because of this nomination, this proverbial accolade is within my reach, in fact, it’s already in my hands.

Thank you very much, Robert for being a part of this fulfillment,i.e., enjoying this kind of pastime. I am honored to be nominated. Know about Robert M. Goldstein’s blog. You’ll surely like his posts. Visit the man at

Here are the 5 facts about me :

1) I began writing poems in High School and my classmates were fascinated by those poems that one of them also wrote some poems and presented them to me during free time.  I remember only the title of his piece, “The Cauldron of Love”. It was beautifully written about his love for a girl who became his wife. I’ve lost touch of their whereabouts because after graduation from HS they shared an apartment in the city and we lost contact from then on.

2) I also love composing songs. High School time was my field for it but it was in the boarding house that compositions of mine were heard. I wrote the lyrics and memorized the tune with the help of a borrowed guitar. Once a song was mastered, I’d sIng it for my board mates which they liked very much.

3) I was in the top ten roll of honors in HS. Being one of the top students, it was not a sure path for glory. I stumbled at the very last year of high school. I was lured into drugs, cough syrups and capsules, and maryjane (marijuana). It was curiosity that led me into it. Friends with the same vices were my constant companions. Schooling in the day, drunk in the evening. And that was my passport to jail. Overnight, we were jailed for vagrancy. That was an eye opener for me about the situation of prisoners in jails. We were disheartened by what we saw.They slept on boxes spread like mats on the jail floor, eat their meals in styro foam boxes, drink their coffee and water in automotive oil plastic containers and the most disgusting of all, discharged their waste on worm infested toilet bowl. Before we were freed from our cell at noon time, we promised our prisoner mates that we will deliver some foods for them. And true to our words, we brought some bread, cakes, coffee, cigarettes  and candies to the prisoners a day after we were discharged from our prison cells. Although it was our day of misfortune, they were very thankful that we were jailed there for it brought them some time of abundance in terms of food. Our bad day, their gain.

4) I was chosen as my class’ representative for the current events question and answer contest in HS. I was nervous on stage to be in front of the whole High School department for such a contest. I was hoping it will not push through. And secretly, I was overjoyed for my hope became a reality. An announcement came blaring in our ears, “We are very sorry, the Current Events Question and Answer Contest will not happen this morning because the questions are not prepared on time.” Wheew, what a relief!

5) My first interview for a job. Queues of interviewees are slowly passing by my side. My chance of being hired by a big drug retailing company was coming to me in turtle pace. When my turn came, I passed it easily with flying colors. I was hired. After several years, I was promoted to the next level and that was my first chance of writing  a documentary about travel. Without knowing the rules and limitations of our company’s magazine, I submitted a ten page article, close to a thousand words. After a three-months wait, I was not delighted nor satisfied with the outcome of the article when it was published. Out of the ten page article, only three pages were used and published. I called up the magazine’s editor publisher and I was informed that the limit was just a mere 150 words. Then and there I thought, I was at fault. I did not bother to know the rules. Anyway, it was my first time and everybody deserved whatever the outcome of their first chance.

*facts about me was taken from my previous awards post.
  Here are the Rules:

* Display the Creative Blogger Award logo on your blog * Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs * Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important) * Share 5 random facts about yourself to your readers * Pass these rules on to them

due to time constraints

Dragon’s Loyalty Award


I would like to thank Sanjeetv,       for nominating me for this award. Visit his blog and read a variety of poems written by him. You’ll love his writings as well as the photos  in every poem posted. Discover how an engineer writes poems of love and other subjects.

Here are the rules for this:

1. Accept award with thanks.

2. Give your readers 5 facts about you.

3. Nominate other bloggers and let them know.

Five facts about me:

1. I love to travel solo. It gives me all the chances to know myself more and discover my limitations in all the aspects of life.

2. I love karaoke singing when I’m home.

3. Photography takes my time when travelling besides drinking with the local people.

4. On my travels, newly found friends ( the locals ) always ask me this question, “When are you coming back here?” They always want me to return to their place.

5. I love poetry writing.

My Nominees are:

— Mallee Stanley    —

— A J     –

— Ompong  –

— JoelF    —

— Oceanswater  –

— hairballexpress    – –


I have nominated rameshwariramkrishnan of SPLASHED! for The Sunshine Award and as the said award rules say, there are several questions to be answered. To give more emphasis and attention to the said award, I made some questions pertaining  to its connection to the nominees and other bloggers. It was knowledgeably answered very well and tackled the importance of its existence or creation. Here are her unedited answers  to the award’s questions in full.


My answer to the questions from thehutownerblog

  1. Will Sunshine Award be of help for the bloggers if they are nominated?  Explain.

It sure does help as it keeps you motivated. The sense of achievement is profound, especially, for new entrants like me. Boy, what a feeling it is to know that what you write, what you create, is appreciated and loved by many. For some it is an inspiration, probably a cue to a new start, for a few others a jingle of memories. To realize that you were the centre of it all, the feeling is priceless, simply priceless.

  1. Cite your reason or reasons why Sunshine Award should be given some RESPECT and ATTENTION by the nominees just like the other awards.

An award is a gesture of recognition. Only if we embrace it for what it is, give it the respect and attention it deserves, will we feel & find its true value. It is a great way to bring the blogging fraternity together.

  1. Should the others feel bad if they were not nominated by their blogger-friend? Explain.

Nope. I do not think there should be any room for feelings while judging a blog for a nomination. It needs to be fair & square. The feelings will only dilute the cause of the award. My appeal to the fellow bloggers is not to take this to heart. Keep up with your awesome work. You are heard. Believe in your content. You will get your due in time.

  1. If you were not nominated, what should you do to get some attention for future nomination?

Do what you do best. Believe in your content. Keep up the awesomeness. Also, on the technical front, remember to tag & categorize the posts so that it is easy to look you up. You will be heard & given your due when the universe decides you are ready.

  1. Are you happy with your posts? Why or Why not?

My posts are a window to my soul, my thoughts and my feelings. I took to blogging as an escape into the virtual world. Art has always had a very special place in my heart. It is the address I look up to find my calm. In this journey I revived my love for poetry. I am happy with my posts as these have helped me in my journey of self-discovery.


The Versatile Blogger Award

Sorry for the delay of the nomination of the 3rd and final batch. I’m running after my time. I couldn’t do all the three ( 3 ) nominations at the same time. So, here are the last nominees for The Versatile Blogger Award, Batch IIl.  Please read the rules at

1. Paris Poems  –

2. TacoKittens  –

3. Zandralen  –  Superwoman & the World –

4. Dorinda Duclos  –  The Night Owl Poetry  –

5.  Riven Rod  –

6. Fly Trap Man  –

7. MoondustWriter’s blog  –

8. Arria Cross – Fujinsei  –

9. Yalorde the wise Peacock  –

10. Nandini –  Goan Imports  –

11. Ritu –  But I Smile Anyway  –

12. bCL photography  –

13. Alok Singhal  – The Learning Curve –


The Sunshine Award



  • I was nominated by surprise by thespiritkeepers of  for  the Sunshine Award. He’s kind enough to share some sunshine for my blog.  Please visit his site and be guided by this Sunshine Award that will drive you deep  into his heart and his poems will consequently light your path, escort you and maneuver to where the right path is.  Go and sunshine will be of abundance to your everyday blogging life.
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH, thespiritkeepers for the nomination!.
  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate a few other bloggers.
  • Notify the bloggers on their blog.

My Answers to the Questions of thespiritkeepers;

1.If you passed away and you believed in communication between the spirit world and the living who would you contact and why?

There’s no doubt about it, my mother. I would not let communicating only get my privilege of doing it, I’ll make sure hugs and kisses  be felt by my mother and I would whisper in her ears “I Love You, Ma”, “I wish I could return home soon”.

2.What does the term, “We are one” mean to you?

WE, whoever they are, and me, are of the same page, the same aim, the same purpose…united for a cause! This could also be said, “Birds of the same feather flock together”.

3.Why would reading an aura or energy reading be useful to you?

Because you get something from reading. It excites the reader, lets him understand what he doesn’t, educates him, and brings fun to the reader.

4.Simply what makes you happy?

Love and the realization of all my dreams make me happy.

5.If you could wish to be anything or anyone who or what would that thing be or who would you choose to be?

I wish to be the richest man in my country so I could help the poor. Elevate their living condition and make them  middle income earners. Helping, means creating more industries and jobs and free education.


1. Will Sunshine Award be of help for the bloggers if they are nominated?  Explain.

2. Cite your reason or reasons why Sunshine Award should be given some RESPECT and ATTENTION by the nominees just like the other awards.

3. Should the others feel bad if they were not nominated by their blogger-friend? Explain.

4. If you were not nominated, what should you do to get some attention for future nomination?

5. Are you happy with your posts? Why or Why not?


My nominees are:

1. Aubrey’s Arch  –

2.  Nimi Naren –

3.. rameshwariramkrishnan  – SPLASHED!!!  –

4. lovelifeandcreativechaos  – TheSirit Creative – 

5. Louise Brady  –