“Twin Boats”

Two boats resembling each other are moored off shore which sometimes become an on shore anchoring because of the high tide rising up to the beach front and occupies the spaces where they are moored.   Santiago White beach in Camotes islands, Cebu has a wide beach front but eaten by the high tide up to a hundred feet. During low tide the sea bed becomes the beach front and during high tide the beach front becomes the sea but still, there remains a considerable space to play, run, etc.

Villa Beach, Arevalo, Iloilo, Philippines

 mama's bday 026

Business and playtime as usual for these people on the beach. At the background right, the collection of fingerlings is done to be sold to pond owners. These are to be raised and cultivated in ponds where they are fed for months and harvested for sale in the markets. At the foreground are children enjoying every splash of waves that rolled out to the shore. Cooling off the day’s heat is an everyday habit of some people living near the beach.