Weekly Photo Challenge: Water


Some constituents of sea water influence the shade of blue of the sea. The deeper the depth, the bluer the water. You can see here two hues of blue. The far side is bluer than the near side. This Camotes Island beach shows the intrinsic property of water which is caused by the selective absorption and the scattering of white light.

Port of Pilar

Pilar Port, Ponson island, Camotes is nearer to Ormoc City in Eastern Visayas than Cebu, the province where it belongs.  Majority of folks from Camotes buy their supplies from Ormoc city rather than from Cebu because of its proximity, besides, it’s a direct trip to Camotes. In the picture, that  is the type of vessel that services Ormoc city and Camotes. It is a two-storey boat and will pose danger to passengers if the weight distribution and overloading are not checked very well.


“Coraza’s Cliffyard Resort After Typhoon Haiyan…”

After typhoon Haiyan battered the Visayas region, this rocky unfinished beach resort, Coraza’s Cliffyard Resort, maintained its beautiful physical appearance despite several structures were destroyed. Until now, as of this writing, it has not been repaired for lack of funds. If given the chance to be repaired with the right amount of capital, this beach could make the island of Pilar, Camotes its rightful place in beach development. It could hasten the growth of the island and give employment to its people with the influx of tourists, both domestic and foreign.

Canines of Camotes: “Hello, May I pass?”

Canines or dogs are “man’s best friend”. They can be domesticated or can be raised at home with man as their master. They are a close relative of the gray wolves which differ from its wild relatives, the Coyotes. The male dog is called a dog and the female is a bitch. A litter is a group of offspring and their father is called a sire while the mother is a dam. Generally, their offspring are called puppies or simply pups. I passed by them taking a nap at the beach of Kawit, Pilar, Camotes Island.

“Twin Boats”

Two boats resembling each other are moored off shore which sometimes become an on shore anchoring because of the high tide rising up to the beach front and occupies the spaces where they are moored.   Santiago White beach in Camotes islands, Cebu has a wide beach front but eaten by the high tide up to a hundred feet. During low tide the sea bed becomes the beach front and during high tide the beach front becomes the sea but still, there remains a considerable space to play, run, etc.

The Low Tide

When the sun and the moon are directly aligned with respect to earth, a low tide is expected at a particular time and place. This beach is at its lowest tide and a wide expanse of  beach front is exposed framing an amazing picture of neoteric  genre of a place worthy of being an island paradise. This is Camotes Islands waiting to be rediscovered by people who love to swim in its sparkling waters, bathe under the sun, discover its caves, try its foods, and befriend its gentle people.

Fishing Boats Of Pilar, Camotes island, Cebu, Philippines…

After fishing, fishermen of Camotes lay anchored their fishing boats at a beach where less visitors congregate for an excursion. Fishing nets are cleaned of foreign objects and other marine rejects caught and curled down for next day’s use. High tides  don’t happen frequently so, they are too confident that their boats would not be swept away by the rushing  waves of the sea as the boats are left within water’s reach.