Poetry Challenge 2017 #6 – Ninefold style : Home

cool tears have flowed from her chinky eyes
passing every second was piercing
firmly grasping the sarcophagus

my thoughts knocked and sympathy walked in
the reason behind the ill-timed grief
my own tears dropped and flowed down my cheek

her sadness i felt, my heart in pain
illness got her mother so early
her soul depart to heaven, her home


Weekly Photo Challenge: Water


Some constituents of sea water influence the shade of blue of the sea. The deeper the depth, the bluer the water. You can see here two hues of blue. The far side is bluer than the near side. This Camotes Island beach shows the intrinsic property of water which is caused by the selective absorption and the scattering of white light.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Today was a Good Day

Eden Nature Park.   This is the land mark going to the Zip Line which I chickened out. I don’t know why. I have already rode a zip line in Tibiao, Antique and an Anicycling (bicycle on a zip line) in Bukidnon but I felt I was going to throw up when I was in Eden Nature Park in Davao. I retreated at the last minute. So, Today Wasn’t a Good Day but, it was for this boy statue on a horse.