I Did It, But Not Quite… – NaPoWriMo 2015 , Day 09

thinking of the ways how to do it
inhaling some air and blow it out 
like a boomerang’s behavior, the smoke bit
in the middle of snow not seeing a defeat        
contradicting words and sentences
in print, the etched sunshine seemed so dark
the rays were bold, the space so thin
concerned to think about tomorrow’s dream
i thought of leaving it for a while
to see the battlefield  of some troops
toeing the line was not on screen
actors unprepared to act but rest and scream
as the depleting fog is coming to its death
some remained on leaves and worms were left dead
flowers on the ground went budding still
despite the sun’s limited rays and ordeal
and now i’m left thinking of how to do it
to go budding or myself to be whipped
by a crocodile’s tail in front of an audience grip
or do it myself or just like the others did…