social media – NaPoWriMo 2015, Day 17

good morning, good afternoon and evening
i should be all smiles today but it is a screaming
my FB posts a genocide of ISIS are committing
Yazidi minority of Iraq were tortured, raped, enslaved
UN had found evidences about the string of killings
using children as soldiers by the extremists
kidnapping women and children  raped by these racists
children young as eight years old fell prey to these rapists
“who are they, what are they, where did they come from
why turn to these innocent people who are helpless to escape and run”
Almond jelly with fruit cocktail recipe
made me crave for fruit salad and biscuits of toffee
for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the family
pork, beef, and chicken menus are there you see
be a chef, a cook, a pastry baker or bartender  for free
for the traveler who loves to hop from place to place
attractions for tourists, lovely paradise they come to chase
waterfalls,white sand beaches, and the wooded forests
asks the natives of the place they’ll tell where, they are honest
when you see the spot, you’ll agree, they are the best
high school, college, or town mates of forgotten times
find them on Facebook, make a call and reserve to dine
women’s names have change, and their physical looks
male classmates have remained and looks aren’t off the hook
body bulges are apparently bare and some are for the books
everyday i get a dose of stress makers on FB
the same issues of current events
different opinions posted
the same amount of stress i get
so, i just turn to my dot com blog on wordpress