Love In Chain

i don’t need those chains
and exchange my lust for gains
to swim the salty water
without acting like a pauper

the perpendicular line
that divides the east from west
the lake in the center
is the best place to rest

those cold iron chains
was also heated before
it was bended while hot
as the hammer struck and score

those chains are rubbing your skin
’till heat is felt and agreed to sin
your spirit will fly but to return again
to enjoy once more the plucking of the grain

with chains to unlocked or nothing, without
you lady will bleed during the naked bout
bald headed  weapon like a salmon trout
ready for the pounding with an aching shout

is love  felt during the whole encounter
 chained or not, let love be the power
 lust, or fairy tale, you have to discover
and try to  live happily ever after”