Guimaras Island, Philippines

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Guimaras island was once a sub-province of Iloilo but became a regular province by virtue of R.A. 7160 in 1992. It is composed of five towns namely; Buenavista, Nueva Valencia, Jordan, San Lorenzo, and Sibunag. Being the home of the sweet, export-quality mangoes, Guimaras also became a food processing island. Its mangoes and other fruits are processed into jams, marmalade or candies for domestic consumption. Tourism is also one of its major industries for it owns various white sand beaches which are patronized by local and foreign tourists, particularly the Korean students which are in great numbers studying in nearby Iloilo city.

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Ave Maria Island

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Igang, Nueva Valencia is host to the South East Asian Fisheries Development Center which is a collaboration of South East Asian nations in the study, research and development of technologies, disseminate information and train people in the farming of fishes, crustaceans, mollusks, for food, livelihood, equity and sustainable development. The Philippines is host to this physical facilities and funds for the operations and salaries of its researchers, scientists,and service personnel.
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Cottage house for SEAFDEC’s personnel.

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This is a grouper fish which have grown up to four feet in length in captivity and have become more dangerous than sharks because it eats meat in its captive life and attacks humans in the cage.


guimaras03182014 138 (2) The port of Guimaras in Jordan town.


Guimaras can be reached by air and boat from Manila and other origins, via Iloilo City and Pulupandan, Negros Occidental . It can be reached by ferryboats, pumpboats and other sea-going vessels via Iloilo Strait which is about 2.5 km. in length and Guimaras Strait from Negros. The origin/destination point in Iloilo City are located in Ortiz Street and Parola for pumpboats with regular trips. Travel time is about 15 to 20 minutes. There are regular trips from Guimaras via San Lorenzo, with five pumpboats to Negros Occidental and vice-versa via Pulupandan and Valladolid. Pumpboats, because of their size and speed, have the advantage over the ferry in terms of the number of trips made, at most six trips per day. They may also be hired for special trips.

The major wharves in the province are the following:

  • Jordan Wharf, Rizal, Jordan
  • MacArthur Wharf, Sto. Rosario, Buenavista
  • Tacay Wharf, Tacay, Buenavista
  • M. Chavez Wharf, M. Chavez, San Lorenzo
  • Suclaran Wharf, San Lorenzo
  • Tumanda-Cabano Wharf, Cabano, San Lorenzo
  • Puyo Wharf, Poblacion, Nueva Valencia
  • Cabalagnan Wharf, Cabalagnan, Nueva Valencia
The wharves are utilized for passenger transport and hauling of products for industrial and commercial purposes to and from Guimaras.

The port in Brgy. Hoskyn, Jordan has been upgraded to accommodate the RORO (Roll-On-Roll-Off) Sea Transport System capable of transporting products, passengers, vehicles and buses. The system is presently plying the route between Iloilo and Guimaras having four round trips per day except Thursday. Meanwhile, the newly established RORO Port in Sebaste, Sibunag will be complementing the RORO port in Hoskyn, Jordan and soon be operational. This can accommodate large vessels that will transport passengers and heavy cargoes to include vehicles and buses to ply the route from Guimaras to Negros and vice versa.

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