The Flower whose name I don’t know

St. Paul's 007

If I’ll name this flower, I will call it the “Broom flower”. It resembles like a broom as its appearance may show. If you cut it at the stem and hold it upside down then you have a broom. I don’t know the real name of this flower I photographed at the hospital where I submitted myself for a check up.

Fly on the Yellow Orchid

I don’t know the real name of this orchid. I just named it Yellow orchid because of its color. As I looked closely at the picture, I noticed a small fly on one of its petals. It’s being directly illuminated by the rays of the sun. The light orange wall of our fence provided the subdued background blending lightly with the orchid’s color. This picture was not photo shopped.

 hosp. home flowers 020