– LOVE in 10 sentences ! – A Challenge

I would like to open this request as a Free for all. Take part if you like to add your lines about LOVE. Post it in your own blog. This will help your mind expand in accommodating  the very limited four words in a sentence to make a meaningful line about Love. Find means to load the four words  in a line. It’s a challenge !

I have two nominations but, not for awards, hehe ! These are requests from my beloved fellow bloggers. I have to make ten sentences about LOVE. Each sentence should be made up of four words only including the word “Love”

My beloved sweet bloggers who made such requests are :

1. poulakose of memophilia.wordpress.com

2. Shida Tahirah of 876LoveR.wordpress.com

Here are my most requested lines of LOVE.

1. LOVE forgets about dates.

2. LOVE spent the money.

3. No more LOVE tonight.

4. Death kills the LOVE.

5. Resurrection impossible for LOVE.

6. LOVE’s killing all pretenders.

7.  Hairs are LOVE’s growth.

8. LOVE’s sorry at malls.

9. Find LOVE in travels.

10. LOVE’s moving on-line.

My LOVE quote:

“When you begin to love, you also begin to like the dead nails of his toes.” – –  thehutowner.wordpress.com 

Thank You very much!