My mind, it’s on vacation! It’s More Fun in the Philippines!

DSC001122013 - 1 (14)14 - 1CASOTM33th (20)South Korea, May 03, 2014 098

my mind is roaming around  Moscow, Russia
my brain is walking the streets of Calcutta, India
my imagination is practicing judo in Japan
but i’m concentrating going to Taiwan
i fancy biking the streets of Italy
especially those of fashion trender Milan
but what i’m thinking to see now
are the snow of landlocked Switzerland
the cable cars of romantic Austria
the sounds of violins of its orchestra
thinking about those drive me into a nostalgia
music of the operas bring me to pre-war Vienna
but the other ear is hearing the K-pop mania
music on radios blasting  in the Far East Asia
singing their way  are groups of later teens
where are they , pop groups of South Korea
but now my mind is flying back to Japan
where electronics are the best in the land
 i wish someday i could ride the bullet train
and enjoy the sight of Mt. Fuji without the rain
like a frog this mind of mine is jumping
into the markets of Morocco the brass wares are astounding
excellently done are Muslim designed  carpets and rags
but i’m looking for the ones that fly, rode by  the “Thief of Bagdad”
and again my brain is telling me to go to Iceland
where ice is free, everywhere is a skate land
remember, there is no problem with the aircon bills
what are needed are thick clothing for chills
come on, let’s go back to historic Italy
i have not tasted their original pizza lately
i would like to order two slices of cheese pepperoni
two orders of spaghetti and two cups of Italian coffee
oh, i forgot to drop by Germany, is it clear!
i want to taste and get drunk with their German beer
i want to experience how to get red on oktoberfest
oh, this month is May, i’ll be back for the fest
now i’m tired and, for a while, i want to rest
on an island where the sands are white, simply the best
where you and i could bathe under the sun and tan our skins
i have in mind, and it’s more fun in the islands of the Philippines.