Buenos Aires Mountain Resort

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Forty five minutes from Bacolod city, Barangay Iljan, Ma-ao, Bago City, in Negros Occidental, you’ll find this resort lies near the foot of Mt. Kanlaon and boasts of  its rural setting in an expanse of property that meets the modern and the rustic. This government run resort has been the source of pride of this barangay for owning two swimming pools, picnic cottages, and air-conditioned rooms for overnight visitors who wish to unwind for the weekends with their families relatives and friends.

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As I wandered around the area, getting lost somewhere got me to these wonderful scenes.

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A river inside the premises, still alive with clear flowing water

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A rural scene just like a painting

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Old trees with other lives clinging on

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Already prepared rice paddies

Accommodations range from Php1,000.00  –  Php 3,000.00


*Rooms for family use


*Resort’s Hotel


*View of the smaller pool from the hotel’s balcony
* 3 smaller photos courtesy of happysteps.net 


How to go there

From Bacolod City, take the Road Star Bus at the Bacolod South Terminal (Sambok) to Ma-ao, Bago City (P40/person). From Ma-ao Public Market, take the tricycle to Buenos Aires Mountain Resort (P150-hire).

Telephone numbers: +63 34 461-0540; +63 34 461-0164

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