SNOW – Week 02, Day 07 : ( MY PROMPTS )

My seventh day prompt, Snow, seems to be difficult to write about.  I haven’t experience nor seen snow but, only in pictures, TV, and movies. I’ve remembered my classmates in college have said that snow was like the frost in the freezer. So, I checked my ref’s freezer but there’s no “snow”. I think it’s in the older types of refs that have “snow” on the freezer’s walls and sides. Mine is the newer model, a “no defrost” one.

Ah! I have an idea. I have to make “snow”. I have some left over fruit cocktail juice last night.  I’ll put it in the freezer, in can.

After four hours of waiting, the juice hardened and I have to scrape it using a spoon. So, there it was. I have a delicious sweet “snow”. Now I have to begin writing before it melts. Here’s the concocted snow and the poem, my Day 07 prompt.

s_e29_38301319 (1)
where in the world could i possibly touch snow
the real one
i’ve learned, places near poles, north and south
frequented by sun
countries on the equator don’t experience the fun
to play around on snow before the day is done
but  in bigger malls, they recreate the laughter
enjoying the fun with shouts and whispers
 snow taste like water made into ice
like frost in the freezer, scraping, a sacrifice
but i’ve made mine and taste delicious
sweeter  but a bit nebulous
they ski on snow, Arabs on sands
we miss the snow, they miss the land
they’ll see the colors, waiting for springtime 
for flowers to bloom, maturing trees to climb
like your love i already know
summertime is the peak of snow
and the sun doesn’t even glow 
finding myself buried below
springtime is always there
to rush the snow somewhere
so I could lead the thriving waters
to where it should bend the gutters
i’ll be waiting for the day
for the dry and arid winds to stay
and blow the chilling  spell away 
melting my snow in glass, driven faraway

A Friend – Week 02 : Day 02 ( MY PROMPTS )

08-24-14 davao city 017
’twas  a sunshine day 
 his shadow froze to display
the space was always wide
walking  around in white
classes were going on
to talk about the moon
and classes just ended
to see a river bend
the classroom was nowhere
when togetherness reborn
in the middle of somewhere
the Autumn break  unborn
the mountain trek was up
the path were cobblestone
the city’s streets were mud
to bake our bodies’ bone
we found not the money
so we could have a party
we really found the gold
to melt it to the mold
we’re friends to understand
the sentences we spoke
he understood we’re friends
when words of mouth are poke
o, we’re friends, always got us right
but straighten each others  wrongs
to keep us right on track
and tackle every fact
o, we’re friends, always slap our faces
to maintain our usual paces
not to sleep and trace
dreams were made in space
that’s how friends behave
talk each others’ smell
and always ring the bell
before we’re deep in hell
marry him if you will
the love that was instill
but make it all platonic
feelings were all chronic

DILAPIDATED OLD CHAIR : Haiku, Tanka combined : Week 02, Day 01 ( MY PROMPTS )


years past when it’s new
 certainly, admired, adored,
the choice and favored
others would envy
alone, chair by the corner 
usually the chosen one
always hand-picked by many
to seat on in privacy
but now the luster
faded thru the years of use
youthful looks now dim
broken are the arms and limbs
always used, what will it bring 
chair, no one sits now 
busted, reject, and dusty 
fav’rite then, now, scrapped
overused, it won’t be back 
the glory, it will be stacked
repair, remedy
possible, if there’s a will
it can be used, still

Reflection, Me. : Week 01 : Day 10 – ( MY PROMPTS )

This was supposed to be my Day 01 but I needed more time to finish it so, I made this as my last prompt instead.



Inspired by Micaiah brought this into being

galvanized emotion dared writing to be conceived

the days rewound and moved into grinding

back where it started none will be deceived



Urban Hiking


The memories when i was young and green

recapturing the thoughts when  I was a teen

 gone were the days  parents have to discipline

correcting my actions most were all routines


Mistakes were almost filling to the brim

all that overflowed they have to skim

young  was I, my wants met resistance

scolded was all i got as their  response


Coming home late were always their  worry

nightly events out with friends and buddies

drinking became my frequent nightly glory

friends and neighbors, nights of social sortie


Curiousity I found why some were groggy

eyes were red their actions were cloudy

my desire to know have intensely grew

’cause i was fed with facts that were so few


I demanded a taste of their super drug

and soon after I became a giant bug

days and nights ran, I was so interested

in other forms I felt my use was limited


Syrups and capsules have hanged my brains

swaying out of my head, and flying in planes

rock, metals, Led Zeppelin, and Aerosmith

KISS, Pink Floyd,Deep Purple, andUriah Heep


They became gods that rock us deep

metal sounds to search the space in sleep

the night brought us to cell’s steel embrace

drunk, beer and syrups vandalism was our case


We dreamed the night with shaky spell

prisoners were kind and it wasn’t hell

gave their beds, of cartoon boxes

we were warriors without the bruises


Spent overnight twelve noon we’re out

sleep wasn’t well the food was drought

promised the inmates be back not for a crime

presents i’ll bring for being kind sometime


True to our words and we have returned

our presents as promised showed  our concern

our lesson we’ve learned, served as enlightenment

prisoners too have a heart even  just a fragment



The Chaperon of W-201 : My Prompts

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Writing 201 was over and I was getting used to visiting E-mails and reading prompts’ notices everyday during the course. Since prompts served as guide for us, participants,  Ben Huberman’s E-mails served as chaperon. It did not only guide us to the poetic path of composing but lead us how to think poetic and set prompts into poetic writings. The forms and devises to use were there to bring us into temptation of putting ourselves into the seats of seasoned poets and to stitch our necks with a poet’s head and think like poets. There were mistakes and blunders on the publishing and sharing process for the “new beginners” of the course but were fixed in time.  Just like me committing two errors of the same mistake, or the other way around?

Since then, it left a void on my everyday mailings. So, to fill the gap, I made my own schedule of prompts within the month. These would kill the time  thinking what I would write for the day just by looking into my prompts’ schedule of activities. Here’s it is. This is for 10 days only which is good for Week 01.

MY List of Prompts FOR MARCH 2015.
in any form, device

                                                                                 Week  01
Day                                                                     Date published
1 – myself  –                                               to be finished soon
2 – bridge                                                              03/02/2015
3 – waves                                                               03/04/2015
4 – young tree                                                        03/04/2015
5 – dusty road                                                        03/05/201

   6 – old suit                                                             03/06/2015

  1. 7 – old shoes                                                     03/07/2015

8 – * b r e a k*                                                                        –

                9  – standing dead or old tree                                 03/08/2015             –

                    10 – old newspaper                                                  03/09/2015                 –


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