Beauty in Ten Sentences – An Invitation To A Challenge For Everyone, Join In !


Prakash Hegade of It’s PH sent an invitation to a challenge about beauty. It’s a ten sentence challenge wherein each sentence should contain six words, and beauty should be one of them. So here are my ten beauteous sentences :

1. Mornings are bests to see beauty.

2. You hate beauty, see the mirror.

3. Don’t blame beauty if you’re single.

4. Beauty vanishes first before they die.

5. When ladies strip, they become beauties.

6. Beauty is physical, intelligence, never mind.

7. Man’s beauty always means his character.

8. Beauty means physically to beautiful people.

9. Inner beauty is inside the heart.

10. Beauty wins most, but not all.

Lastly, my beauty quote :

And yet—it is not beauty that inspires the deepest passion. Beauty without grace is the hook without the bait. Beauty, without expression, tires.
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882), U.S. essayist, poet, philosopher. “Beauty,” The Conduct of Life (1860).

The Lowly Shrimp Paste (Terasi,Bagoong) Can Be A Good Sandwhich Spread

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No one would buy the idea that the lowly shrimp paste can be made into an excellent sandwich spread,on toast.

Asian countries are blessed with long stretches of beaches which fishermen and the seaside folks used as their jump off point to any place in the country that are near the sea. These fishermen sometimes have an abundance of marine products caught. One of these are the shrimp fries which are made into paste and used as seasonings of various Asian foods. Some entrepreneurs had some interesting ideas to manufacture and bottle these shrimp paste and sold in the markets nationwide and some are exported to various countries where there are thick Asian population. Various flavors sprouted and became a household favorite. Asians used it in their menus as condiments and flavorings. Others use it as a substitute for MSG or seasoning in the local dialect. The bottled version is  ready to use after its opening.  That cuts its preparation time-saving considerable minutes of heat and sweat.

But among those uses which are not yet discovered by numerous users of the product is to use it as a spread in sandwiches.

I was looking for any spread in the refrigerator when this spicy flavored bottled shrimp paste which sits at the corner of the ref caught my attention.  So, I thought, why not?  I’m going to use this as my sandwich spread.

I toasted pieces of American bread. I put a generous amount of margarine and spread lightly with spicy flavored bottled sautéed shrimp paste. Just an addition of Mayonnaise or sandwich spread will be okay. But still it lacked a little bit of spiciness. I added a little of hot sauce and it was all over. And Voila! It tasted like no other spread! . Not yet perfect but it was good. You can adjust the flavor according to your taste. Or you can  mix all the ingredients then spread it. Except for the margarine which should be spread right after the bread has been toasted.

You can invent your own taste with the shrimp paste. Try and discover it.

Writing Challenge : ” The Ten Commandments” ; Five photos, Five stories – DAY 01

NAIA, Batanes-09-2,3-2014 241 (2)

I don’t understand what these writings mean when I first saw it but, I recognized what these are. The writing at the bottom of the tablet,  “Thy Will Be Done” , which is in English would lead us that this is the Ten Commandments of God. I found this tablet outside the church of Ivana in Batanes Island, Philippines. This only proved that Christianity was being practiced even at the farthest places of the country and as such cemented its foothold that it is the only christian nation in Asia. Even if there is freedom of religion, Catholics dominate the populace as compared to the other religions that were established before and after World War II.



Prakash of “It’s PH” blog, our classmate in Writing 201, requested me to give my description of Love in 4 words and in ten sentences, a sort of chain letter, and I agreed.

I thought this is an award nomination for me. I felt excited but it died down slowly. I was looking for prompts and this is an addition to my March list of prompts which I made for myself. I miss the daily prompts of Writing 201 which ended two days ago along side with the stress it gave me. But I survived the course which gained me an inheritance of the knowledge of time management. With this little know-how I acquired from Writing 201, time management was really a factor in making those ends meet. I cook for breakfast then eat, do the marketing, cook for lunch, visiting E-mails, Writing 201 in particular while cooking, eat my lunch, wash the dishes, take a bath, continue the Writing 201 by starting to write stanzas of the day’s prompt. If my mind don’t want to think a little about the topic, then I’ll take a nap. Wake up after an hour, then eat my snacks while in front of Writing 201 monitor. Prepare to go out to pay the monthly bills. Eat my early dinner at the mall. Then Writing 201 again until I’ve finish rewriting, editing, publishing, and sharing. And it’s 2 A.M. And in-between of those afternoon sessions, visitors would come and I would stop what I am doing. Then continue when they have left. That’s the life of being alone left by a partner whose already in heaven.

Nevertheless, I am accepting Prakash’s  ( It’s PH ) offer of sharing Love’s meaning in four words in ten sentences to 12 bros and sis of the just concluded course.

Here’s my  four- words, ten-sentences description of LOVE :

1. Love’s a “money-eating” monster.

2. Love’s a tear factory.

3. Love’s a baby-making machine.

4. Love glued people together.

5. Love makes redder lips.

6. Love’s a hide-and-seek artist.

7. Love’s a rose grower.

8. Love gives you everything.

9. Love interferes with life.

10. Love begets more love.

My quote about LOVE :

Love is the extra effort we make in our dealings with those whom we do not like and once you understand that, you understand all.
by: Quentin Crisp


I don’t have any idea about exercising vaginas of women until I came across this material on MBG. I only know about weight lifting which involves muscle enhancing of the body including the arms, chest, abs, etc. But vaginal enhancing (?) shaping (?) I don’t have any whimsy ideas regarding that. I smiled reading this piece as there exists some kind of a humorous, caprice thing about that delicate part of the female body.

I’m lifting it ( not the body part ) from MBG not to make fun of it but to relay some important facts regarding, oohhhh, vaginas.

For women readers, please don’t feel awful about this. Please press that LIKE button and don’t be ashamed.


“As a holistic sex and relationship coach, I employ a host of different methods to improve people’s intimate lives. I’m currently on a global campaign to raise the awareness of vaginal superpowers.

This involves my traveling to different locales, and shooting images of objects indigenous to the regions, which I lift with my vagina. You can check out the whole series on Instagram, which I catalog using #ThingsILiftWithMyVagina.

Vaginal Kung Fu is a method I teach for women to physically and emotionally reconnect to their vaginas, so they become more in tune with their sexual energy.

It’s like yoga. For your vagina.

By inserting a jade egg into the vagina and attaching a string to it, I “lift” any number of things: tropical fruits, gluten-free organic donuts, cold-pressed juices.

This strengthens the pelvic floor far more effectively than regular Kegels, and gives women sexual confidence and power.

A strong pelvic floor and vagina can bring a myriad of benefits to your life. Including:

  1. Have more orgasms.
  2. Have better orgasms. By better I mean, mind-, body- and spirit-altering orgasms that are longer, deeper, more intense, and include the ability to ejaculate.
  3. Keep your internal organs (I.e. no pelvic organ prolapse).
  4. Have an easier childbirth and recover more quickly afterward.
  5. Up your libido. When the vagina is weak, it feels numb. Sex is infinitely more pleasurable with a sensitive and articulate vagina.
  6. Eliminate issues of urinary incontinence.
  7. Increase circulation in the vaginal canal and produce lubrication more easily (this is the main reason women do not lubricate profusely).
  8. Integrate your sexual energy into everything you do. When women are dissociated from their vaginas, they are also cut off from the natural and enlivening flow of their sexual energy. When the vagina is brought back to life, that vital, life-force energy is available to you to channel into all parts of your life.
  9. A natural facelift. When you strengthen and pull up the pelvic floor muscles, you create an energetic lift throughout the entire body, which even registers in the face. I have had clients stop using Botox after beginning their lifting practice.
  10. Be able to shoot ping pong balls. This is every woman’s God-given right.

These things are possible for every woman: ping pong tricks, multiple orgasms, ejaculate that shoots across the room, and insane, life-changing pleasure.

All you need is a strong vagina.”

Photos courtesy of the author

Kim Anami is a sex and relationship coach, writer and speaker. Her musings on love, life and sex have graced the pages of Playboy, Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire and CNN. Explore her exquisite intimacy retreats, online salons and 1-on-1 offerings, at You can also find her onInstagram.





I am nominated for this award by Shibatahirah and I’m asking myself, “Am I really worth of the nomination? Being nominated is an honor and I am humbled by it. Who am I to refuse. As the saying goes, “To refuse an offer is an insult” and I believe this nomination is an offer by a person who also believe in me and my posts, so to say. I am elated. Thank you, Shiba.


1) I began writing poems in High School and my classmates were fascinated by those poems that one of them also wrote some poems and presented them to me during free time.  I remember only the title of his piece, “The Cauldron of Love”. It was beautifully written about his love for a girl who became his wife. I’ve lost touch of their whereabouts because after graduation from HS they shared an apartment in the city and we lost contact from then on.

2) I also love composing songs. High School time was my field for it but it was in the boarding house that compositions of mine were heard. I wrote the lyrics and memorized the tune with the help of a borrowed guitar. Once a song was mastered, I’d sang it for my board mates which they liked very much. I can only remember some lines of  this song which was their favorite and it “sold like hot cakes in our imaginary world”, says one of my board mates compliments for me.


                                                       Why do the flowers grow, just look at them? Why?

Why do the rivers flow, each time you cry? Why?

Why won’t you tell me, that you love me too? Why?

Fifteen years after, I saw one of my board mates in a bus. She didn’t recognized me but I was sure she was my board mate years back as her dark skin and boyish looks stuck in my mind and she was my number one fan during our school days. With two lovely kids in tow, I was sure if I’d sang the tune of “Why” in front of her she would have recognized me.

3) I was in the top ten roll of honors in HS. Being one of the top students, it was not a sure path for glory. I stumbled at the very last years of high school. I was lured into drugs, cough syrups and capsules, and maryjane (marijuana). It was curiosity that led me into it. Friends with the same vices were my constant companions. Schooling in the day, drunk in the evening. And that was my passport to jail. Overnight, we were jailed for vagrancy. That was an eye opener for me about the situation of prisoners in jails. We were disheartened by what we saw.They slept on boxes spread like mats on the jail floor, eat their meals in styro foam boxes, drink their coffee and water in automotive oil plastic containers and the most disgusting of all, discharged their waste on worm infested toilet bowl. Before we were freed from our cell at noon time, we promised our prisoner mates that we will deliver some foods for them. And true to our words, we brought some bread, cakes, coffee, cigarettes  and candies to the prisoners a day after we were discharged from our prison cells. Although it was our day of misfortune, they were very thankful that we were jailed there for it brought them some time of abundance in terms of food. Our bad day, their gain.

4) I was chosen as my class’ representative for the current events question and answer contest in HS. I was nervous on stage to be in front of the whole High School department for such a contest. I was hoping it will not push through. And secretly, I was overjoyed for my hope became a reality. An announcement came blaring in our ears, “We are very sorry, the Current Events Question and Answer Contest will not happen this morning because the questions are not prepared on time.” Wheew, what a relief!

5) My first interview for a job. Queues of interviewees are slowly passing by my side. My chance of being hired by a big drug retailing company was coming to me in turtle pace. When my turn came, I passed it easily with flying colors. I was hired. After several years, I was promoted to the next level and that was my first chance of writing  a documentary about travel. Without knowing the rules and limitations of our company’s magazine, I submitted a ten page article, close to a thousand words. After a three-months wait, I was not delighted nor satisfied with the outcome of the article when it was published. Out of the ten page article, I was sure only three pages were used and published. I called up the magazine’s editor publisher and I was informed that the limit was just a mere 150 words. Then and there I thought, I was at fault. I did not bother to know the rules. Anyway, it was my first time and everybody deserved whatever the outcome of their first chance.

6) I felt the lowest ebb of my life when I received a call from my brother about the death of my father in the province. With a voice so low to be heard due to his crying, my brother sobbed at the phone and told me to come home for the burial. I filed my leave, packed my things and booked for a flight back home and the rest was  sadness focused on our final destination which is Death.

7) Death in a different time and in a similar place. My father died in a hospital and now, my wife. Both died in their hospital bed several years apart. I witnessed her last grasp of air. I was at her bedside. Friends came for their last glimpse to see her in a hospital bed for she would be in a wooden coffin later. Cremation claimed her last human state and later on became solid in powder form. Her ashes were stored in a brass urn and placed in a columbary.

8) I was elected as president of the youth organization in our place for a year. During my term, we were able to buy things needed by our citizens for disasters and calamities.

So, that was me witnessing a carefree world of the youth, my first taste of being a drug user, my first experience in jail, my first excitement as an employee, my first time to receive a news about death and first experience to witness death of a dying love one,  my first time to read my article in a magazine, and my first time to lead a youth organization.


1.Show the award on your Blog

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3. Thank and acknowledge the person who nominated you.

4. Share some facts of life leading to your blogging or what made you blog?

5. In your opinion, is blogging worth your time spent? Explain or expand your answer.

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Life is Appreciation…


Quotation by Gilbert Keith Chesterton

“The aim of life is appreciation; there is no sense in not appreciating things; and there is no sense in having more of them if you have less appreciation of them.” 

Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874–1936), British author. Autobiography, ch. 11 (1936).

AGREE  : If you appreciate things, Life would be easier to live. And that includes, fortunes and misfortunes, death and survival, and all the happenings that man aren’t expecting to happen in his life.

DISAGREE : _______________________________________________________________________________

                   ________________________________________________________________________________ .


Picasso painting Editorial Image

Art is not the truth but it is a reflection of what’s the truth. It is a realization of a lie which emanates from the true subject. It is a lie which came from truth but the lie can be perfectly recreated in a truthful manner, a perfect imitation of what is true.

Quotation by Pablo Picasso

  • “We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth, at least the truth that is given us to understand. The artist must know the manner whereby to convince others of the truthfulness of his lies.” 

Pablo Picasso (1881–1973), Spanish artist. repr. In Alfred H. Barr, Jr., Picasso: Fifty Years of His Art (1946). “Picasso Speaks,” The Arts (New York, May 1923).