“aBsTRAct” – My painting

aBStracT  by rhum

i feel the ripples
the bubbles
the swelling
the curling
and the rushing
of your heart
i hear the sounds
the voice
the noise
the tone
and the crying
of your chest
i tried to sketch
to draw
to outline
to etch
and finally to paint
but i’m in trouble
i can’t decide
what color
what hue
what pigmentation
how intense
the saturation
would be
i can’t picture
the face
the hair
the eyes
the nose
the lips
and the skin
i can’t do it
i can’t start it
maybe tonight
in the deep of darkness
in the silence of everything
i can paint the whole canvass
with several colors and figures
i will cry my tears
and create a dream
which only you and i
can understand to see
the meaning of the lines and dots
the horizontals and the verticals
the slanted, inclined, angled and the tilting
made by the ends of the brush
only you and i could fathom
and i will call it