More Photos of Coron, Palawan, Philippines

 At the right side of the dash line is the area of the Kayangan Cove.

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KAYANGAN COVE – often mistakenly labeled as Kayangan Lake which should not be the case. In the picture, the lake is still behind and surrounded by the mountain. You have to ascend  at a certain spot and from there, the view of the cove below is mesmerizing. After a while, the descending trek was easy down the lake.

548763_146205345507249_333492160_n (2) The cove is really a post card perfect material. It is a small bay or inlet between headlands, making it a sheltered place. There is a small cave at my back but I did not bother to come inside. I was excited about the lake.

537096_146212845506499_658478897_n (2)This is what awaits you at the foot of the hill  with your descent, the cleanest lake water you have ever seen in the country. This is the KAYANGAN LAKE.

522712_146213172173133_508897304_n (2) I really can’t say ‘No’ to the water’s invitation. Just the sight of its clear and unpolluted state can lure you to jump ahead without wearing the life jacket on. You will surely forget that you don’t know how to swim.

We arrived there earlier than the other visitors. It was very quiet. Nobody wanted to break the tranquility of the lake until more and more people arrived. The shouts began to reverberate the air. The joy and merry making of the visitors took turns in celebrating the cool, fresh and clear waters of the lake.

Humans and fishes swim their heart’s galore. Yes, there were small fishes that swim along side with the visitors. Maybe the fishes enjoyed swimming more when there are people around on the lake so they could sneak at the sight of beautiful and shapely legs pedalling to keep afloat.


untitled (18) I thought my guide gave me the wrong name of this beach. I just saw it on the map, Calachuchi beach, named after a flowering tree with the same name that grows abundantly around the area. He was right.

539185_146111442183306_10512460_n An herd of cows met us on the road just a few hundred  meters away from the airport. So I thought, sacred cows of India are here in Coron parading on the streets of paradise.



 I didn’t waste minutes after I checked in. Wandered all around. This wharf is just a minute walk from where I stayed. What you see is a restaurant on Coron Bay. When you turn around you’ll see Mt. Tapyas, (not in the picture) recognizable with its big steel cross atop.


 At the back of the Harbor Center is the Tourism building. Further away from the building is a park and to the right is another wharf and a hotel. Around the Harbor Center marker is the market place. At night this place is bustling with food stalls where tourists, local and foreigners, converged and eat. The prices are very cheap, peanuts!


 This is the St. Augustine Parish church. On your left is the way going to Mt. Tapyas. Climb and conquer the 726 steps.



 It’s really an advantage when having a tour of the place on foot. You’ll see places and buildings of interest not frequently photographed or published.

 . 969817_333950426732739_177069756_n

It took me two hours and thirty minutes to devour the eight kilometers distance, more or less , walk from Coron Reef to reach the port of Coron, PPA or Phil. Ports Authority. I gathered enough guts to persuade the guard to let me in the compound. A little smile, a little praising of him, a pat at the back, did the trick. He let me inside the PPA perimeter early in the morning, an hour before their official gate opening. Lucky day. I had a great time taking photos of the serene atmosphere inside the area.


This is the only one “ship photo” that I’ve salvaged from my uploads taken inside the port. I have misplaced it together with the other photos. This ship was bound for Manila.

untitled (13)

This was aboard the speed boat of the guardian of our seas, the Coast Guard. Well, being good looking is my pass port to any entrance gate. But this one has no gate at all. They lifted me to get aboard for photo shoots.




These photos were taken atop Mt. Tapyas. Upper photo, with the cross, was taken at the right side of the mount and can be climbed at, so barb wires were  installed. It is also for the protection of the satellite disk.

 525181_146124502182000_51966036_n (2)


As you see from these photos, Coron is already a self sufficient town with economic growth at the upward trend because of tourism. If peace and security of the place will continue thru the years, tourism will be a major industry of Coron.


Photo Challenge – “Early Bird” : Coron, Palawan, Philippines


Although the sun was already above my head, I was still the “early bird” at one of Coron’s secret beaches. Boulders of rocks greeted me upon my setting foot on its white sand beach. My guide and I were the only visitors making noises at the beach in addition to the music made by the constant splashes of the waves.


“Away from the road” – Sabang Beach, Palawan, Philippines : Photo Tour, Tourism – Week 03, Day 11


I was on my way back to Puerto Princesa, Palawan, when I luckily passed by this unusual sight. I alighted from the motorcycle and took several shots. Taken at Sabang Beach, Palawan on a stormy day.