Chili Pepper

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Once in a while, a random check of your backyard will yield a number of excellent post  materials which abound at the expanse behind your house. Flowers, trees, vegetables in pots, domesticated animals, old and antiquated objects or anything that catches your attention. They are good prompts for your writing.

As my health ebbed a little bit, I don’t want myself to languish and rot at the comfort of my room without doing something that would merit the enhancement of my posting. So, after eating my breakfast, I got my camera and started my walk  for a close encounter of the backyard. Taking pictures at anything I fancied as a good material for write-ups, musings, scoops, etc. was very rewarding as it further boosted my photography techniques. Here are some photos of  the hot chili pepper, the plant that puts fire on your tongue and tears in your eyes.