In Your Arms


if i turn my back from you
and set my sight away
displeasure as the field of view
take the mood of a bitter day

if i go there on the hill
and alienate myself
is it against your will
if i say goodbye, farewell

but as i touch the local color
of breaking off the knot
it’s you  i see in every corner
i wont let the feelings to rot

i have to be in touch again
with you, my love i still remain
‘though i’ve sang  my  farewell song
in your arms i’m back where i belong


“Please, Don’t run over me”


i won’t run after you
if the green light says so
don’t take the blame on me
if no one catches you

when you fall on the ground
and down on your knees

begging me if you please,
“don’t run over me”



am i ready


am i ready for a clash
to be fished again
from the sea of antiquity
to grieve and be the birthplace
of caustic tears and broken dreams
am i prepared for a combat
to defy and ward off the force
and stop the intensely amorous affair
and chill the advancing emotions
of falling in love again
i feel the footsteps
the sounds of my heart
and the echoes it reflects
the lingering traces of sound waves
that keep on repeating in my ears
can i block the passageway
to clear it with joyous emotions
whenever her shadow is  near
am i ready
am i prepared
to let go
and let the freedom wander
am i

Guns and Roses


if these roses can whisper

to people of different ears

if seeds can listen awhile

this could carry tears and cheers


thorns could prick their skin

protruding from the stalks

but roses are all akin

various flags along the garden walks


beautiful buds now abloom

speaking softly to the stars

thoughts were read by the restless moon

concerned about the ongoing  wars


if all the guns will turn to lovely flowers

no bubble of hatred will burst as it poses

no braves and cowards would ever cower

when bombs and arrows  become  bouquet of roses…