Horror story Idea…

I retrieved this from Yahoo Answers which I have been participating for the past two years (?) I’m sharing this with you… This is not a short story. It is just a sort of a horror synopsis which bagged the Best Answer for a horror story idea from an Asker….How’s this ?

Ideas for a horror story?

Best answer: A cannibal goes berserk in the city! He eats anything meat and in raw, sometimes cooked. Human parts are favorite, especially the hearts, livers, bladders, etc. In the end he unknowingly eats his own long lost son’s body. In a street fight that he witnessed, a man was stab dead by goons and left in an alley. He retrieved the body, chopped, and brought them home. He cooked it. While he was biting a piece of chopped arm, he noticed a virgo tatoo with his name Andre Phillips below the horoscope sign. It was his son’s body!!That’s the time he remembered his son’s tattoo was embedded on the right arm with his name. Andre left home while he was a high school student. They argued violently on something and left home and never came back……..only to be eaten by his long lost father. I hope this will do..