PAGASA Tower, (Doppler Weather Radar Station), Hinatuan, Surigao sel Sur, Philippines

Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur, home of some tourist attractions in the country is also home of one of the Doppler Weather Radar Stations installed by PAGASA, Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration. Monitoring of typhoons and its movements, forecasting of the amount of rainfall, either moderate or heavy, and real-time atmospheric monitoring using a visual radar monitor, are among its functions as a new weather radar.

Sibadan Fish Cage, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Spending overnight in the middle of the sea? Well, I’ve done that for Php 350.00 only just for the experience of how it is on the waters in the deep of the night. The room, as expected, was small but it can accommodate two persons. At a time that waves were a little bit strong, it seemed the room was shaking and felt a bit dizzying. But how can the waves beat the hundreds of posts supporting the whole village. I thing those were mangroves posts, if I’m not mistaken. Oh, the night was soothingly cool and refreshing and at times you hear the splashing of fishes and other aquatics struggling inside the cage.

The salt water swimming pool together with some marine lives to play or be afraid of.

The morning was still cool and not cold enough to wear some jacket or sweater. I was awakened by the grinding of the engine of the motor boat. He will buy and get the day’s catch at a nearby fish pen for the visitors. That’s us.

It’s nice to spend your honeymoon there in the middle of the wide sea in all your private moments and be tired all day long. You can shout all your sweet nothings!

Now that the sun has risen fully, it’s time for a swim with the marines. The cage has sharks, manta, and other fishes unknown to me. It’s a fish cage swimming pool party! It’s a fish cage pool swimming party… a fish swimming pool cage party, whatever! Man and fish together!

This is the breakfast! Be full before you leave!


International Doll House…BISLIG, SURIGAO DEL SUR

Do you love dolls? They are very popular for children as toys, especially the females which they imitate as human beings or themselves. Dolls vary from looks and the materials used in making one. It differ from country to country or the place of origin. In Bislig, Surigao del Sur, there’s a place for these dolls which came from different countries and displayed collectively in a  home called the International Doll House.


Enchanted River – Talisay, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur : Photo Tour, Tourism : Week 03, Day 12

08-22,23-2014,Butuan-Davao 092 (2)Since I was staying at Paper Country Inn Hotel in Mangagoy, Bislig, Surigao del Sur, I hired a motorcycle going to Talisay, Hinatuan. Using your charm and bargaining power, you can get the peanut rate for the trip.  Don’t be ashamed, close the deal. It was more or less a two hour drive direct to Talisay depending on the speed of your motorcycle.

Enchanted river is really enchanting because it changes color as the time passes. Early morning it is green at the sides or its bank. At noontime it is blue. That was my observation. Maybe others have different experience.

08-22,23-2014,Butuan-Davao 093 (2)

 Sprite clear waters of fresh and sea. This area is near the mouth of the river, the marriage border spot where the two bodies of water exchanged vows.


08-22,23-2014,Butuan-Davao 148 (2)

Further away from the mouth.


  08-22,23-2014,Butuan-Davao 152

Welcome, visitors !


08-22,23-2014,Butuan-Davao 153 (2)

There are huts for rent for your group.


Tinuy-an Falls, Surigao del Sur, Philippines – Photo Tour : Tourism – Week 03, Day 07

08-22,23-2014,Butuan-Davao 014 (14)

Tinuy-an Falls is like this during summer. But you can see its full mighty force during the rainy days.


08-22,23-2014,Butuan-Davao 024 (2)

Tinuy-an is a 3-tiered falls. As you can see in the photo, this is the way to the 2nd tier, located at the right side of the falls.


08-22,23-2014,Butuan-Davao 025 (2)

 This is the 2nd tier.


08-22,23-2014,Butuan-Davao 036 (2)

 The 3rd tier, can be climbed with the use of a rope at the right side of the falls. The floor was quite slippery and it’s advisable to go barefoot or wear rubber shoes. My girls were invited guests for picture-taking which they obliged readily.


08-22,23-2014,Butuan-Davao 039 (2)

This is the view from the third tier looking down.the 2nd. Looks like a wide pool.


08-22,23-2014,Butuan-Davao 041 (2)

This is the view from the 2nd tier looking down.


08-22,23-2014,Butuan-Davao 043 (2)

A smaller pool for kids was provided by the management away from the deeper areas for adults.

How to get there? Pls. visit :