“A Broken Promise” : A Terzanelle Poem – NaPoWriMo, Day 16

the field is not green but a stretch of sand
ten meters away, water rolling cold
finding its way to touch the skin of land
pebbles, dead shells and other matters lay
are bathing in salty waters naked
 the twilight colors of orange and gold
lights start to twinkle, as night is still young
bulbs hang on electric posts give romance
as time walks its way, passes then it waits
your image is not there but shadows hide
at the shore where waves collide and dares run
the water recedes and returns a glance
this is not heaven, my heart is weeping
this is hell, you are a faceless shadow
the blemish of a promise is not fun
this is not heaven, angels are unseen
my lady has not come, words are shallow
a promise is broken and scatters among the sands
pieces are now lost still broken within my hands