“I Was Taken” – A Persona-Poem-Themed Poemeleon : NaPoWriMo 2015, Day 26

And now, for our prompt (optional, as always). Our last two prompts have been squarely in the silly zone – this one should give some scope to both the serious-minded and the silly among you. Today, I challenge you to write a persona poem – a poem in the voice of someone else. Your persona could be a mythological or fictional character, a historical figure, or even an inanimate object. Need some examples? Check out this persona-poem-themed issue of Poemeleon from a few years back.


i hear your voice calling out the nurses
in panic, you ran outside the hospital room
then i heard voices from directions
just beside me shouting,
call the nurses
call the doctor
bubbles came out of my mouth
while a silver spoon was inserted
between my upper and lower sets of teeth
and the time rushed
and they arrived
i called my mother
i called my father
but they’re all looking at me
with a smile
and they arrived
all in white
with wings, with fogs so clean
and they’re bringing me to 
a kingdom i don’t know
there was a light
that pierced the clouds
and into me
i was taken
but from a distance above
i saw a body carried out
wrapped in white cloth…
it was me
i saw tears not only one
but thousands as if to overflow
the night while i lay
waiting to be lifted
and carried away
to be cleaned and
put to a wooden box
of white
prayers were said
masses were held
but i laid there with make-up
inside a box with a glass window
i saw friends, classmates, teachers
 in-laws and neighbors
took their turns to  see me
but i could not move
the last day came 
the last prayers, the last mass
they lifted me out of the box
put me on the stainless metal table
and threw fire at me
as if they wanted
to be sure that i am already
a cold lifeless matter
my skin began to blister
and i couldn’t perspire
until flesh and bones
were turned to ashes
weighed how light i was,
put me in a plastic bag
and into a brass urn they kept me
and stored me in a Columbary
my final resting place
on earth…



Breathless, pale with no blood

Seeing, feeling, it can’t




Inside his temporary home,

A box, wooden, with intricate carvings 

Waking up, escaping, he can’t 

And he was lifted and into a stainless


‘Till he was consumed to ashes

By fire

By the burner

‘Till bones are whitened

And crushed

‘Till the cinders


Their final destination,

The Urn 

The dispersal

Of the soulless matter

Into a raging river

Into the quiet sea

Into the turbulent air 

Or just at the stillness of home

Or at The Columbary

Blessed and stable 

In an Urn.




I am nominated for this award by Shibatahirah and I’m asking myself, “Am I really worth of the nomination? Being nominated is an honor and I am humbled by it. Who am I to refuse. As the saying goes, “To refuse an offer is an insult” and I believe this nomination is an offer by a person who also believe in me and my posts, so to say. I am elated. Thank you, Shiba.


1) I began writing poems in High School and my classmates were fascinated by those poems that one of them also wrote some poems and presented them to me during free time.  I remember only the title of his piece, “The Cauldron of Love”. It was beautifully written about his love for a girl who became his wife. I’ve lost touch of their whereabouts because after graduation from HS they shared an apartment in the city and we lost contact from then on.

2) I also love composing songs. High School time was my field for it but it was in the boarding house that compositions of mine were heard. I wrote the lyrics and memorized the tune with the help of a borrowed guitar. Once a song was mastered, I’d sang it for my board mates which they liked very much. I can only remember some lines of  this song which was their favorite and it “sold like hot cakes in our imaginary world”, says one of my board mates compliments for me.


                                                       Why do the flowers grow, just look at them? Why?

Why do the rivers flow, each time you cry? Why?

Why won’t you tell me, that you love me too? Why?

Fifteen years after, I saw one of my board mates in a bus. She didn’t recognized me but I was sure she was my board mate years back as her dark skin and boyish looks stuck in my mind and she was my number one fan during our school days. With two lovely kids in tow, I was sure if I’d sang the tune of “Why” in front of her she would have recognized me.

3) I was in the top ten roll of honors in HS. Being one of the top students, it was not a sure path for glory. I stumbled at the very last years of high school. I was lured into drugs, cough syrups and capsules, and maryjane (marijuana). It was curiosity that led me into it. Friends with the same vices were my constant companions. Schooling in the day, drunk in the evening. And that was my passport to jail. Overnight, we were jailed for vagrancy. That was an eye opener for me about the situation of prisoners in jails. We were disheartened by what we saw.They slept on boxes spread like mats on the jail floor, eat their meals in styro foam boxes, drink their coffee and water in automotive oil plastic containers and the most disgusting of all, discharged their waste on worm infested toilet bowl. Before we were freed from our cell at noon time, we promised our prisoner mates that we will deliver some foods for them. And true to our words, we brought some bread, cakes, coffee, cigarettes  and candies to the prisoners a day after we were discharged from our prison cells. Although it was our day of misfortune, they were very thankful that we were jailed there for it brought them some time of abundance in terms of food. Our bad day, their gain.

4) I was chosen as my class’ representative for the current events question and answer contest in HS. I was nervous on stage to be in front of the whole High School department for such a contest. I was hoping it will not push through. And secretly, I was overjoyed for my hope became a reality. An announcement came blaring in our ears, “We are very sorry, the Current Events Question and Answer Contest will not happen this morning because the questions are not prepared on time.” Wheew, what a relief!

5) My first interview for a job. Queues of interviewees are slowly passing by my side. My chance of being hired by a big drug retailing company was coming to me in turtle pace. When my turn came, I passed it easily with flying colors. I was hired. After several years, I was promoted to the next level and that was my first chance of writing  a documentary about travel. Without knowing the rules and limitations of our company’s magazine, I submitted a ten page article, close to a thousand words. After a three-months wait, I was not delighted nor satisfied with the outcome of the article when it was published. Out of the ten page article, I was sure only three pages were used and published. I called up the magazine’s editor publisher and I was informed that the limit was just a mere 150 words. Then and there I thought, I was at fault. I did not bother to know the rules. Anyway, it was my first time and everybody deserved whatever the outcome of their first chance.

6) I felt the lowest ebb of my life when I received a call from my brother about the death of my father in the province. With a voice so low to be heard due to his crying, my brother sobbed at the phone and told me to come home for the burial. I filed my leave, packed my things and booked for a flight back home and the rest was  sadness focused on our final destination which is Death.

7) Death in a different time and in a similar place. My father died in a hospital and now, my wife. Both died in their hospital bed several years apart. I witnessed her last grasp of air. I was at her bedside. Friends came for their last glimpse to see her in a hospital bed for she would be in a wooden coffin later. Cremation claimed her last human state and later on became solid in powder form. Her ashes were stored in a brass urn and placed in a columbary.

8) I was elected as president of the youth organization in our place for a year. During my term, we were able to buy things needed by our citizens for disasters and calamities.

So, that was me witnessing a carefree world of the youth, my first taste of being a drug user, my first experience in jail, my first excitement as an employee, my first time to receive a news about death and first experience to witness death of a dying love one,  my first time to read my article in a magazine, and my first time to lead a youth organization.


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