make it nice,
make it easy
don’t frighten me
that’s hard to take…
keep it slow
let it crawl to me
in leisurely manner
so i can listen,
and now, break it,
go, break the news
like a morning blossom of a flower
that is slowly opening its buds
to take a peek of the warm sun
let the truth reign
about the rupture of a heart …

Sing My Song

if you sing my song tonight
butterflies would be free
 flying from flower to flower
to sip the sweetest honey
the bees would then be busy
lifting the pollen grains
 waiting for the time to come
to drop them  on the flower in my hand
please sing my song tonight 
and forever mend this broken heart
you are  a very special someone
to me, you’re already a part


Hearts For Sale – Street Photography


These are banana blossoms or commonly called banana hearts or banana flowers. The dark and tough husks are stripped off until a lighter yellowish covering is exposed. In-between those husks are the banana flowers shaped like fingers which are also tough and become softer as you go stripping along. The soft inner part is the one edible.


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