Poetry Challenge 2017 #6 – Ninefold style : Home

cool tears have flowed from her chinky eyes
passing every second was piercing
firmly grasping the sarcophagus

my thoughts knocked and sympathy walked in
the reason behind the ill-timed grief
my own tears dropped and flowed down my cheek

her sadness i felt, my heart in pain
illness got her mother so early
her soul depart to heaven, her home


A Million Miles…

2013 - 1 (12)

I sit at the apex

at the edge of the world

 i see the vast expanse

of mountains, oceans and seas


Departing from this love affair

 she  chose and favored to be free

yesterday we were a pair

and now, there’s only me


As the days grow old

a fledgling has learned to fly

and away from her noble nest

she bid her last goodbye


and now i’m left alone

in this world of alienation

i feel i have already flown

a million miles away from home…

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My Old Shoes : Day 07 – ( My Prompts )


 For busy feet that walk, protection

it’s  office’s rules

to carry your shoes with your feet on


Looking not like a pauper or fool

or step on a stool

on the road you can run like a bull


The service can’t be bought nor bargained

with those unscathed new

long, it carried me through sun or rain 


Now it thinned by time and aged his sole

the ebb tide’s nearing

to migrate from dusty road to home  


And your den’s  the original box

’till time will decide

have you repaired or store you with locks




Breathless, pale with no blood

Seeing, feeling, it can’t




Inside his temporary home,

A box, wooden, with intricate carvings 

Waking up, escaping, he can’t 

And he was lifted and into a stainless


‘Till he was consumed to ashes

By fire

By the burner

‘Till bones are whitened

And crushed

‘Till the cinders


Their final destination,

The Urn 

The dispersal

Of the soulless matter

Into a raging river

Into the quiet sea

Into the turbulent air 

Or just at the stillness of home

Or at The Columbary

Blessed and stable 

In an Urn.


the slippers…

Colorful slippers


so small, so thin and so light

the load it carries is always a pride

from heavyweight, light and underweight

all the freight it hauls is a test of its fate 


wherever you go, there with you it goes

the steps it follows are the steps of your toes

on the road, or mountain or just in your home

useful as they are to the skin and bones


wet rainy days or in hot summer time

enduring agonies, it looses its prime

getting thinner the sole will soon retire

its services will follow its life will expire


soon another new pair will take its place

 another journey, another thorny road to face

the olden SLIPPERS, have triumhped protecting your feet

from the stony ground your foot-mate have been made to defeat