i am the honey of your sweet
i am the shadow of your night
i am the dreams of your sleep
i am the secret you can keep
you’ve been the lyrics of my song
you’ve been the boom of my gong
you’ve been the tune of my melody
you’ve been the pro against the contrary
so i will sing, and you will dance
and i will shot the arrow to your heart
and i will talk, and you will glance
and i will put the chances in your hands
and so the world will begin to smile
to speak the truth about your style
and so the stars will twinkle in early morn
as one, your heart and mine becomes



Sing My Song

if you sing my song tonight
butterflies would be free
 flying from flower to flower
to sip the sweetest honey
the bees would then be busy
lifting the pollen grains
 waiting for the time to come
to drop them  on the flower in my hand
please sing my song tonight 
and forever mend this broken heart
you are  a very special someone
to me, you’re already a part


Night’s Silence

лицо макияж
you and the night and the song
making silhouette from afar
etching on a blank dark convass
a story unfolding to last
two souls sat gripping each hands
side by side on the white wet sands
expressing love sweet as honey
playing a game with somebody
cold breeze came to tight embracing
two bodies now bonded to one
promised to love until time’s end
to survive life in every bend
darkness of night, nocturnal chance
innocence lost not in a glance
the embrace done like a serpent
love was expressed there’s no repent
night’s  silence plays the song of  air
as witness to a story’s pray’r
dark as the blank canvass plight
still a painting could be drawn  in sight


the story of…
memories hidden
bright and shining
smilingly  misty
there were…
blossoming flowers
droplets of honey
stored in my memory
butterflies and bees
fragrance thieves i know
stole the fragrant honey
together with my memory
now that they’re gone
like bubbles they burst
who stole the flowers
i can’t remember, who’s the worst