Tibiao, Antique #01

From Iloilo, an after-lunch travel  by Ceres bus was made thinking I could make it to Tibiao before the sun set. Yes, I made it but, it was already dark at 5 pm because of the showers. Hiring a tricycle to find some place for the accommodation proved a little bit  unyielding to my choice of comfort. So, I hired a habal-habal for an easy “go-around-the-place” for the search. And for the last try, we find my contentment and safety of the stay inside the University of Antique campus. There’s an airconditioned hometel there  with the basic necessities available. Meals are done outside. Make a deal with the habal-habal driver for a “fetch-and-drop” prearrangement including his meals. Whatever you want to clarify about your tour, consider it with the “deal-talk”.

This is the road to the mountain where all are appealingly lovely to the eyes. Like this mini rice terraces which look like a miniature Banaue rice terraces.

Bugtong-Bato waterfalls. During my visit, water volume at the falls was modestly low, that’s why the water drop was thin. Some fallen trees caused by typhoon Yolanda were still there. I wonder who would take the initiative to free the first basin with the clutters of fallen tree debris and other objects. Those junks has been a hindrance for a nice swim at the  the first falls.

Braving to climb the second falls was a fruitful one.

This is the 2nd Falls.

Some people living there are building their own houses or rooms for rent to visitors.

This is a quiet place away from the maddening crowd of city life. To unwind and rewind your energy will cost you a little sum of money but it is worth the fun and the experience.


Villa Beach, Arevalo, Iloilo, Philippines

 mama's bday 026

Business and playtime as usual for these people on the beach. At the background right, the collection of fingerlings is done to be sold to pond owners. These are to be raised and cultivated in ponds where they are fed for months and harvested for sale in the markets. At the foreground are children enjoying every splash of waves that rolled out to the shore. Cooling off the day’s heat is an everyday habit of some people living near the beach.

God’s Trial

San Juan de Sahagun Parish Church or Tigbauan Catholic Church, Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines

San Juan de Sahagun Parish Church or Tigbauan Catholic Church,
Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines

when drops of liquid leaked out of my lamenting sobs
coming from the deepest echoes of my  suffering soul
i’m drowning in the river of my own weep
going blindly against the  flow like a black sheep
fighting it out and conquered what i feel
the world on my back too heavy my ordeal
aching bones loaded eating all the gained fame  
overweight bundles are too much but given the same
i dug up my faith to reach the far and thorny finish line
my skin bursting, knees were trembling i didn’t mind
i dropped on the ground where my sweat and blood meet
the nearer i got, my strength i have to compete
a stone’s throw, strength depleted i’m not in vain
several times the ground kissed my knees in pain
little of my psyche remained but never retreated
   as i won God’s trial my faith remained undefeated

Two Contrasting Beaches #4



These two white sand beaches are on the same island of Guimaras in the Philippines. In fact they’re just an arms length with each other. The first two beach photos don’t boast of any rocky and hilly beach front. It is just plain white sands and a longer stretch of the beach area  that attracts more visitors.  Among its numerous guests that frequent the place are Koreans who come from the neighboring cities of Cebu and Iloilo, mostly students studying in these cities. Raymen and Alubihod beaches are their favorites.




In contrast, Villa Corazon beach resort offers a shorter length of a beach front but it’s more picturesque, romantic, and more expensive.  But you can enjoy your private moments with more intimacy than the other beaches nearby. Its expensive entrance fee is not  commensurate with its facilities which are nearing to be rated as fairly to poorly maintained because of its low visitor count. But all throughout your stay, it could be more meaningful and enjoyable  as you could imagine.