“I like intelligent answers to stupid questions and hate stupid answers to intelligent questions!!”

It’s been years that I haven’t visited the Yahoo Answers site. This used to be the den that hooked my time away when I was not yet a part of the blogging craze. I let pass my 24 hours obligations of the day just to answer a number of questions that I fancied answering. I accidentally flew over and landed in it, so I tried getting a glimpse at my answers once again.

This is my previous record which is still active up to now. I was already on Level 4 with 3,131 points. I have answered 336 questions, 28% of which were chosen as Best Answers. I have submitted only 14 questions.

As I went along, I’ve learned that if you have more questions submitted, the more points you loose. So, I opted to answer questions only, to get rid of loosing points. As the title, Yahoo Answers suggests, it encourages readers to submit questions for people to answer quickly. You get to loose a certain point if there is a barrage of questions being submitted.  So, it is best to answer more questions than ask. “Answerers” are being encourage rather than Askers. What will happen if there are more questions than answers being thrown in the blog? Answers beget points and a visit earns some points too. So, it is better to answer than ask questions as the title implies.   There are plenty of questions so, choose your wild.

Here’s the Table on how to get points.

*Points Table

To encourage participation and reward great answers, Yahoo Answers has a system of Points and Levels. The number of points that you get depends on the specific action that you take. The Points table below summarises the point values for different actions. While you can’t use points to buy or redeem anything, they do allow everyone to recognise how active and helpful you’ve been. (And they give you another excuse to boast to your friends.)”

*Points and Levels

Action Points
Begin participating on Yahoo Answers One Time: 100
Ask a Question -5
Choose a Best Answer for your question 3
Answer a Question 2
Self-deleting an answer -2
Log in to Yahoo Answers Once daily: 1
Have your answer selected as the Best Answer 10
Receive a “Thumbs-up” rating on a Best Answer that you wrote (up to 50 “Thumbs-ups” are counted) 1 per “Thumbs-up”
Receive a violation -10

There was an instance that an answer to my question delivered laughter and stretched a number of facial muscles that I have, “If I am in jail, what is the best thing I should do in my moment of solitude?”

Three bloggers have submitted their answers and I have chosen the first answer as the best, Pray. However, the second answer took me by surprise and made me laugh all the while with the thought of how sincere the guy was. Here are their answers:

Rezluz Prwure
blueiis· 2 years ago

Best Answer:  Pray 

Asker’s rating 3 out of 5

  • Rezluz Prwure
    Answer: Masturbate and lube up the rectum for tomorrow.
    Rezluz Prwure· 2 years ago

    Rezluz Prwure
  • Answer: don’t get rapped
    Charlie· 2 years ago
    Well, some people make this a laughing matter and I like it that way. It makes people smile, and burst into laughter along the way.

Here are some of my answers that I thought was great enough to be best. Was this really my answer? Was this answer really mine? After some rethinking and returning back to the years gone by, I could say, “Oh, Yes, it’s mine” “That’s my answer”. Anyway, Yahoo Answers grouped this one with mine and, it’s computerized.

Here are my  Best Answers:

Best Answer:  It depends on the usage. If you use it as a metaphor in a sentence that means morning, then the opposite is night, as in: “I saw the light of day” . if you mean to start a fire, then, it is extinguish, douse: if you mean less weight, then it is Heavy: if you mean easy as in. “My exams were light” then, it is difficult….etc.
It all depends on how you use it in a sentence.

How can u tell an egg is fertile after a hen lays it?

Best answer: Hold the egg closed against the light or bulb. If there’s something formed like a chick, then it’s fertilized already.
 2 years ago
Best Answer:  Design must follow the needs of the owners. Illusion of space means to make the place looks bigger and wider without altering the area of the place. This is just to simulate a wider space. Mirrors hang in the right place add some illusion of space to a small room. It creates some visionary expansion of the room. It will look larger.
 2 years ago

Tips on how to end a story?

Best Answer:I’m sure you passed the climax of the story. Well, I don’t know what the story is all about. You didn’t tell us it’s synopsis. So, I’ll just cover all the scope of all stories.Nearing its ending, I suggest you put your readers in a little mixed up of ideas. Bring them into a short dreamland of “Why”. Have a tragic ending. Don’t let them go with their own speculative normal ending. Inject some twists that they will not forget. Make your ending far more different from the usual formula. Make an outline and work out the twists of the scenes, and not the …” and they live happily forever after” ending. You can make it!

 2 years ago
Who yearns for something, but when you finally get it
You get bored with it within a week?
Update: or will you cherish it, if it makes you feel content
Best Answer:No, In one of those window shopping that I had, I had always spent more time sneaking around and touching lap taps and always wish it could be mine. Now, that I have bought one, I wish I could buy another one bigger than I have bought before. Now I have two, it did not get me to the point that it will be a boredom using them.
This will be for a lifetime, I guess !.
1 year ago
for Yu Luoke
Perhaps the final hour is come
I have left no testament
Only a pen, for my mother
I am no hero
In an age without heroes
I just want to be a manThe still horizon
Divides the ranks of the living and the dead
I can only choose the sky
I will not kneel on the ground
Allowing the executioners to look tall
The better to obstruct the wind of freedomFrom star-like bullet holes shall flow
A blood-red dawn

Best Answer:  Death is nearing for him and he has not prepared a last will and testament. The only thing that he will leave behind is a pen for his mother. When he dies it is freedom for him but he sees killings when he goes.
 2 years ago
* tables,Questions&Answers from Yahoo Answers

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I am nominated for this award by Shibatahirah and I’m asking myself, “Am I really worth of the nomination? Being nominated is an honor and I am humbled by it. Who am I to refuse. As the saying goes, “To refuse an offer is an insult” and I believe this nomination is an offer by a person who also believe in me and my posts, so to say. I am elated. Thank you, Shiba.


1) I began writing poems in High School and my classmates were fascinated by those poems that one of them also wrote some poems and presented them to me during free time.  I remember only the title of his piece, “The Cauldron of Love”. It was beautifully written about his love for a girl who became his wife. I’ve lost touch of their whereabouts because after graduation from HS they shared an apartment in the city and we lost contact from then on.

2) I also love composing songs. High School time was my field for it but it was in the boarding house that compositions of mine were heard. I wrote the lyrics and memorized the tune with the help of a borrowed guitar. Once a song was mastered, I’d sang it for my board mates which they liked very much. I can only remember some lines of  this song which was their favorite and it “sold like hot cakes in our imaginary world”, says one of my board mates compliments for me.


                                                       Why do the flowers grow, just look at them? Why?

Why do the rivers flow, each time you cry? Why?

Why won’t you tell me, that you love me too? Why?

Fifteen years after, I saw one of my board mates in a bus. She didn’t recognized me but I was sure she was my board mate years back as her dark skin and boyish looks stuck in my mind and she was my number one fan during our school days. With two lovely kids in tow, I was sure if I’d sang the tune of “Why” in front of her she would have recognized me.

3) I was in the top ten roll of honors in HS. Being one of the top students, it was not a sure path for glory. I stumbled at the very last years of high school. I was lured into drugs, cough syrups and capsules, and maryjane (marijuana). It was curiosity that led me into it. Friends with the same vices were my constant companions. Schooling in the day, drunk in the evening. And that was my passport to jail. Overnight, we were jailed for vagrancy. That was an eye opener for me about the situation of prisoners in jails. We were disheartened by what we saw.They slept on boxes spread like mats on the jail floor, eat their meals in styro foam boxes, drink their coffee and water in automotive oil plastic containers and the most disgusting of all, discharged their waste on worm infested toilet bowl. Before we were freed from our cell at noon time, we promised our prisoner mates that we will deliver some foods for them. And true to our words, we brought some bread, cakes, coffee, cigarettes  and candies to the prisoners a day after we were discharged from our prison cells. Although it was our day of misfortune, they were very thankful that we were jailed there for it brought them some time of abundance in terms of food. Our bad day, their gain.

4) I was chosen as my class’ representative for the current events question and answer contest in HS. I was nervous on stage to be in front of the whole High School department for such a contest. I was hoping it will not push through. And secretly, I was overjoyed for my hope became a reality. An announcement came blaring in our ears, “We are very sorry, the Current Events Question and Answer Contest will not happen this morning because the questions are not prepared on time.” Wheew, what a relief!

5) My first interview for a job. Queues of interviewees are slowly passing by my side. My chance of being hired by a big drug retailing company was coming to me in turtle pace. When my turn came, I passed it easily with flying colors. I was hired. After several years, I was promoted to the next level and that was my first chance of writing  a documentary about travel. Without knowing the rules and limitations of our company’s magazine, I submitted a ten page article, close to a thousand words. After a three-months wait, I was not delighted nor satisfied with the outcome of the article when it was published. Out of the ten page article, I was sure only three pages were used and published. I called up the magazine’s editor publisher and I was informed that the limit was just a mere 150 words. Then and there I thought, I was at fault. I did not bother to know the rules. Anyway, it was my first time and everybody deserved whatever the outcome of their first chance.

6) I felt the lowest ebb of my life when I received a call from my brother about the death of my father in the province. With a voice so low to be heard due to his crying, my brother sobbed at the phone and told me to come home for the burial. I filed my leave, packed my things and booked for a flight back home and the rest was  sadness focused on our final destination which is Death.

7) Death in a different time and in a similar place. My father died in a hospital and now, my wife. Both died in their hospital bed several years apart. I witnessed her last grasp of air. I was at her bedside. Friends came for their last glimpse to see her in a hospital bed for she would be in a wooden coffin later. Cremation claimed her last human state and later on became solid in powder form. Her ashes were stored in a brass urn and placed in a columbary.

8) I was elected as president of the youth organization in our place for a year. During my term, we were able to buy things needed by our citizens for disasters and calamities.

So, that was me witnessing a carefree world of the youth, my first taste of being a drug user, my first experience in jail, my first excitement as an employee, my first time to receive a news about death and first experience to witness death of a dying love one,  my first time to read my article in a magazine, and my first time to lead a youth organization.


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