Winner …


time, unnoticed of its existence

quickly as it dues the date away

if yesterday wasn’t for me

Luck has a chosen favored day


hard slashes getting hostile on me

leading to my brutal crucifixion

fighting life with no guarantee

 of winning over my  destruction


i have no fear of losing

sacrificing my own life

i’m not scared of facing

damn realities with a  knife


i take the bull by the horn

in the burdens of spicy life

i stay awake in pains unborn

to be a winner, to win my strife…




Serendipity …

i’ll fly with you all the time
in any moment of day
though you are unwinged
to carry me away
i can’t read your thoughts
trying to convince me
pondering all alone
of what i want to be
reaching for the stars
during the dark of nights
so tiny to be caught
focusing on one of a million lights
but during the day
stars are there too
but the blinding rays of the sun
overpowering  their shine
you aspire to be someone
holding on to your goal
but sometimes end like everyone
missing the title role
some people call it destiny
others leave  it to luck
but there’s one sure path
striving hard is pushing an attack…
it is bestowed to the one
who strove hard for it
 reserved and to be won
by the deserving ones




i take on the past and see how things took on me

the courage in facing future tasks that came to unfold

pressured by will to survive, angered by failure in varying  degree

rights were wronged and wrong were fixed to snatch the gold


life is a story and a collection of agonies learning to breath

series as they come, downs were numerous ups have been few

alienated destinies others were lead to their untimely death

survived the ordeal others have triumphantly pulled through 


future, how much does it hold on your judgement, confidence and hope 

destiny is stagnant drowning in the lake of uncertainty bubbling with dope

sweat and blood, luck and health and faith, building a grainy slope


slippery road can’t take you up on a tiled wheel

a shiny one with no grooves of failure always go down the hill

life that kneels and prays, sweats a muscled body of steel