Cavernous and hollow caves that lead to the woods

Carpenters’ sweat, woods of art, gorgeous as it looks

Art pieces of doors, hard wood floors, now become foods


A long line of snaking, cozy, earthen caves

Branch out left and right like icings on cakes

They aren’t sweet but grainy maps of fakes


Milky white bodies, red and colored honey

Winged adults they become as they eat your money

You let them be and they become a greater colony


Living in the flashy and the wooded heaven

Under the care of the brownish roof of the flaky haven

Drawers of dreams and memories have become the eaten


“O, termites, multiply anywhere but not in my drawer

Necklaces of memories, heart pendants of dreams are there 

Better live away where you can stay somewhere”


‘Though some live in holes deep in mounds

Some underground and freaky hills around

Some in dead trunks and live branches like hives


“Live in the forest where fresh trees abound

Trunks are large, juicy and chewy could be found”

Unlike the dry woods of mansions, stone houses of cities and towns


“I am the owner of this modest house”

“I will kill you all and let you vanish from my sight”

“Termites of the woods, You are all parasites!”