Photography: Cobrador island (Naguso Island), Romblon, Philippines

DSC06573 (2)

This is only one of the white sand beaches of Cobrador island which is the farthest of the three smaller islands that comprise Romblon province. The municipality which consists of mainland RomblonĀ  and the smaller islands of Alad, Logbon and Cobrador is situated along the coast of Romblon Bay. The white sand beaches are still to be tapped and fully developed to lure tourists to the island. There are no accommodations waiting to the would-be visitors but they can bring their tents as their overnight space to sleep. The island doesn’t offer much comfort to its visitors but its natural beauty is sufficient and enough to have a succession of visits in the future. Try coming to this serene island and be convinced what its beaches can offer and be ready to sacrifice comfort in exchange of privacy and peacefulness.


Photography: Freedom

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Butterflies enjoying their liberty of being free. They’re not in confinement or under any other restraint in their movement. The flowers are also appreciative of their daily presence, thus there is fairness and compromise in the relationship. The pollen is transferred from the male reproductive organ to the female reproductive organ to form seeds in which the process is called pollination . The butterflies perform this transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the stigma.